Chocolate-covered Prezzers are a combination of sweet and salty that people are going wild over. The salty Prezzer taken and covered in melted Krath chocolate, is a perfect treat for those seeking salty and sweet taste at the same time. The Santharian "Petitioners" are the equivalent of the Prezzers in the Krath Empire in Nybelmar, yet as these snacks actually originate from overseas, "Prezzer" is the term we will use to explain this process. Chocolate-covered Prezzers also have a variety of other names, the most prominent among them being "Dark Petty", "Kao-Kao Petties", "Chocoprezzers". Varieties of the Chocolate Prezzer featuring syrup are known as "Sticky Petty", "Syrupprezzers", "Carapetty" (for the really caramelized sugar ones!), Cinnapetty, and so on. Rude little kids think it's also fun to shorten "Kao-Kao Petties" to "Kao Petties" (referring to "Cow Paddies")...

Description. These delicious treats are Prezzers in almost every way, the only difference is that these are completely covered in chocolate. Each piece is checked to make sure every part of the Prezzer is covered entirely. If broken you can see white (which is the Prezzer's inner parts), then a thin line of light brown (which is the outside of the Prezzer), and then the layer of chocolate that is as around one nailsbreadth thick.

The Dark Petties have that mixture of sweet and salty that both surprise, and please almost every person that tries them. The first thing you taste is the sweetness of the chocolate. Within the next chew you find a blast of saltiness. This has got some people hooked on them, even so much that they buy large bags at a time.

Before you even put them in your mouth you can tell these aren't just
Krath chocolate bars. On the front there are two letters in the indent where the Prezzer's holes are. These letters are 'K', which is on the left, and 'P', which is on the right. The 'K' is widely believed to stand for Krath, while the 'P' is thought to be for Prezzer, though historians have other ideas.

The chocolate is smooth and cool to the touch, as long as the
Prezzers are kept from anything that will heat them up, such as a hand or a body. Make sure you don't admire the texture too long or the chocolate will heat up and begin to melt in your hand. Which is a sticky mess to clean up.

Usages. These delectable snacks are used as just that, snacks. They are usually found in the market place at some stands, but recently some taverns have been using them as desserts or snacks. The sweetness wouldn't go too well with ale or beer, unlike just regular
Prezzers, so the owner charges a fine price for a bowl full of these snacks as a snack or dessert.

Some of the taverns that can't afford to buy a large number of Dark Petties, make their own version with syrup, called "Sticky Petties". Usually maple syrup is used to cover the
Prezze, which give the sweet and salty flavour. These syrup covered ones taste fine, but they are nowhere near as good as the cocolate-covered ones as most would say.
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Method of Production. To begin with one starts by soaking the Prezzers to be used, in a liquid that bakers refuse to reveal the ingredients of. The person who was explaining this just said that it helps the first layer of chocolate cling to the Prezzer, though it is suspected this also adds either more saltiness or sweetness to the overall product.

As they soak the
Prezzers, many of the larger pieces of Díluyht-Kháré chocolate are melted down to a thick liquid. Then a worker dips the Prezzers into a bowl of the melted chocolate and sets them on a cloth. Once a batch (20 Prezzers) is done they leave them in a cool area to dry and harden. Then they dip them again while the next batch is cooling. This builds up that thickness of chocolate on the Prezzers. They repeat dipping until the thickness is a few grains lower than what it needs to be.

They then pour on one last layer of chocolate on the top. Leaving it to cool for a little bit, they come back and when the chocolate is still soft enough to make an impression, and push the end of a rod into it. One end has the shape of 'K' on it and 'P' on the other. All that is left to do is hand-check them for ones that don't meet their standards and put the ones that do meet their standards in pouches for selling.

Some of the more common people that cannot afford the actual chocolate
Prezzers, make their own with syrup. They take a choice of syrup (usually maple) and pour it onto the Prezzer. The sweet and salty flavour is still there, but it is no where near as good as the Dark Petty.
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Areas of Production. The Krean say they got the idea for this food when a worker saw some children taking chocolate bars and putting it in between two Prezzers and eating it like a sandwich. When this idea was put to action it became popular quickly. The combination of sweet and salty have the people buying these snacks fast. Many people are hoping for more foods that include both sweet and salty flavourings.

Dark Petties are made by the Krean within the Krath Empire. The Zhunites are trying to match this treat, without success. This is due, in part, to the secrecy the Krean have over their methods of production. One key component is unknown to the Compendium and is unlikely to reach other ears in the near future.

The Krean ship the products to all places that they commonly trade with, though it is made sure that only finished products are shipped. Some royalties in Sarvonia even import these, though special care must be taken in the delivery. The Krean put a very subtle magic to help keep the chocolate from melting during shipping over long distances.
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Myth/Lore. The meaning behind the letters 'K' and 'P' on the Prezzer has been lost in time. Most people think it stands for 'Krath Prezzer', while historians have a more likely idea for the letters. The Santharian historians believe that the 'P' stands for 'Production' (a word starting with an explosion of air from pursed lips), but it could mean something completely different in Krath... like 'delicacy'. And the 'K' stands for Krean. The letters would have been stamped during the time when the Krath Empire and the Krean had a tense relationship. During this time the Krean started marking all of their products in someway, to show that they had made the product. Return to the top

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