The Thergerim of Sarvonia have seemingly always known of the unique ability of the cave bat to locate itself in darkness by sending out almost inaudible 'chits' of sound. Over the centuries the dwarves have used careful breeding techniques, magical intervention, and Brownie-designed machinery to train their Flitterwings to both send and receive simple messages using these sound pulses. Young dwarves with exceptionally sharp hearing (exceptional among the already sharp-eared Thergerim) often find themselves drawn to an apprenticeship with the Morjualerons - the ThergerimTaal word for the Singspeakers and their bat companions alike.

Description. Morjualerons work together to use patient training and the assistance of a peculiar and mysterious machine known as a Codesinger to help them hear and 'speak' to their bats; they are able to memory-mark or 'scribe' short sequences of chittering sounds into their bats' minds, and later retrieve those sequences and understand them as meaningful messages. Return to the top

Method/Training Processes. In order to become a Singspeaker there are four stages one needs to go through:

Location and Areas. As far as we have been able to determine, all of the dwarven clans in Sarvonia possess a Mews and a number of Codesingers, and are able to communicate more or less freely between themselves. It is possible that central clans such as the Boltgrums pass on messages, for surely it would be well-nigh impossible for a single bat to go from the Mitharim clan in the southeastern mountains to the Low Fores, so many strals away - or at least most risky - not an adjective usually applied to the dwarves!

Dwarven finesmiths work closely with Brownie craftsmages of the Redbark Clan in the Vale to create the parts of the Codesinger, but the finished machine is assembled by the Singspeakers themselves in the depths of the Mews where it is destined to remain hidden. What the Brownies receive in exchange for their labour is unclear; we might guess at something as simple as the raw metal they require, or payment in refined gold and gems which can be exchanged through the human/Brownie markets, but we cannot inform you in detail.
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Purpose and Use. Obviously, this is a valuable means of swift and more or less accurate communication which many a human king might envy; it is no wonder that the dwarves have kept it so grudgingly to themselves over the centuries. However, it is limited by the simplicity of the messages which may be carried, their brevity, and the fragility of the Flitterwings themselves, vulnerable to night predators, illness or sheer weariness.

We also note that the bats can only carry these short phrases in memory - no miniature scrolls around their legs or bodies as may be done with the heavier, heartier coa-coa - not even a trinket for memory, a gem that might seal a bargain, a dust-light packet of herbs for needed healing. Nor can these messengers experience and learn the breadth of our country, mapping and minding it as our horse couriers do, riding the roads of Santharia on the King's business. We need not begrudge the deep-dwelling Thergerim their humble night-flitting messengers, need we?

Had we space here we should love to tell you the whole of the dwarven children's story of "The Midnight Morjual", about how a little bat arrived in time to rescue an ill-favoured youth - but let us not ruin the tale for you! Rather, do you seek out the shelf of Children's Tales in our Library to read and enjoy... Return to the top

History. Apparently the relationship between Thergerim and Morjual has existed as long as their history details. The first faltering steps in 'hearing' bat-speak and from then attempting to direct and train it into a simple code were done very early on, but dwarves refuse to provide exact dates. However, from trade records and other carefully-dug out information which we Compendiumists specialize in uncovering, we can now tell you that Singspeaker machines could not have existed in their present form before five hundred years ago - in other words, a mere couple of dwarven generations. Thus we can describe them as relatively 'new technology', and it is our hope that someday a similar system may be available 'aboveground' as well.

We must apologetically remind our readers again that the processes and details about the Codesingers are difficult to obtain; however, dwarves speak very highly of the contemporary Singspeaker Pola DawnSung (GordnShaeVer, literally 'startday-music-past'), who has been instrumental in refining some long-standing crudities of the machines' design, and in keeping strong trade links with the
Vale Brownies over the years. Our Masterbard Judith, dwarvenfriend of longstanding, has been privileged to meet with him on a number of occasions and describes him as "tall - for a Thergerim - craggy-faced and loquacious". She adds that despite not being able to view him at his work in the Mews, a location strictly off-bounds to other races, his competence and technical skill cannot be doubted. He himself is a fine musician as well as a Morjual, and the two have enjoyed playing together at cavernsings several times.

Our deepest gratitude to Master Singspeaker Bolt Tenguul (Bolt Strongback) and to the Tenthrum Clan for their assistance in compiling this entry!
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 Date of last edit 12th Burning Heavens 1668 a.S.

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