Blackbeetle Paint is a vivid blue dye made by the Vale Brownies and as you can see from the title made from blackbeetles that are processed in a variety of ways. Blackbeetle Paint is only made by the Bubbler Clan and within the clan a very few are allowed to make it. Many Brownies adorn their clothes as well as beads with the Blackbeetle Paint.

Description. Blackbeetle Paint has a deep blue hue and the dye can be used as a blue glue as it is very sticky. The great popularity of the dye might be because of its colour which is almost as intense as Uderza pottery but with the glow of Baveras' Eye. Blackbeetle Paint has a very thick consistency and can be very good for dying beads and clothes. When it is put on cloth it will sink into the cloth within minutes and form and thick blue covering. When put on most cloth it will replace any former colour. The only exception are very bright shades of yellow and red which will ever so slightly show through the dye. Blackbeetle Paint is so thick that the Brownies need greased spoons simply to get it out of the barrels they store the paint in. Return to the top

Method of Production. The Blackbeetle Paint made from the chitin between the wing and the wing case of a male blackbeetle as it is the only piece of skin that is that colour. Quality Blackbeetle Paint is only made by skilled and proven members of the Bubbler Clan. Bits of a blackbeetle's outer hard shell are soaked in water for several days and then cut up and ground up to an extent that it looks like blue sand. After that it's mixed with bones and other scraps and ground once again. After that the Brownies then store it in barrels and place it underground for use in festivals. When liqud is returned a secret ingredient is added that gives it the stickiness that makes it all the better. When used for makeup it requires at least two tots of water to dilute it as when undiluted it can cause rashes. Return to the top

Areas of Production. Containers of Blackbeetle paint are only be produced deep within the Council Tree of the
Vale Brownies. Blackbeetle paint can be used to dye the varieties of beads produced by the Brownies. Plenty of shipments of Blackbeetle Paint get traded with the Eyelians and the Tethinrhim Clan. Many dyes and the beads that are dyed by them are carried in rat drawn wagons and arrowhead geese. Return to the top

Usage. The Blackbeetle dye can be used to dye beads as well as providing a beautiful glue that can be made into so many of the many wonderful technological advances so commonly associated with the
Vale Brownies. The paint can also be a form of body paint for Brownie ladies during festivals. Many male Brownies as well use it and both genders have Brownies who could not imagine festivals without it. The main use for Blackbeetle Paint is as a dye for beads and adds a glossy finish in addition to its deep blue shades. Return to the top

History of the Industry. In 894 b.S. Bubbler Clan came into being. Around that time the beadwork so classic to the Brownies became widespread to the Vale Brownies, and most likely that during that time the Blackbeetle Paint sprung from the mind of Rearao completely by accident. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. This small passage being the only text that clearly defines the beginning of the Blackbeetle Paint is highly protected. It is believed that it dates back to the year 595 b.S. because of the ageing of the ink indicates sometime near then.

Many years ago the
Brownies say a blackbeetle was hunted. The blackbeetles attempted to flee the hunters by running all around the Vale around great distances and it took many hours to catch it. When it finally died from the arrows and darts the hunters carried it to their village. The Brownies of the village leaped in joy to see their favourite food being served. The different clans were tore apart the flesh. Members of the Hotfinger clan cooked the meat, the Brightler Clan was used bits of the head as decorations, every Brownie in the village were happy. There was only one Brownie who was not happy. He was a member of the Bubbler Clan and he had nothing to do. His name was Rerao. He was only 15 and just days before he had joined the Bubbler Clan. He wasn’t experienced enough to do anything else so he just sat there. Beside him a elder Brownie tore the the skin off a piece of the beetles. The young Brownie grabbed a piece and sat on it. Later he got up and found a bit of sweating crunched up beetle skin. He picked it up and it crumbled into a deep blue powder. Return to the top

 Date of last edit 19th Awakening Earth 1670 a.S.

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