Although the existence of the Void Sails was signaled in Nybelmar since long before the fall of the First Korweyn Empire, they were always wrapped in doubt and mystery. And who can blame any scholar for doubting, when the appearance of such a beast (if it can be considered a beast indeed) defies any sense of reason? As the reports about such Void Sails diminish, so the general trust in their existence does. Also called "Inami" a Void Sail is basically a vertical gelatinous curved tube wrapped in a translucent veil, hovering over the ground without having any apparent means that would allow it to do that. Always elegant and majestic, sometimes whispering strange melodies, they are believed to be sentient - magical sentient beings, possessing a wisdom beyond any imagination. "Question: What is Inami?..." - goes a well known Anpagan joke - "Answer: A Void Sail. Question: And what is a Void Sail? Answer: Inami."

Appearance. The appearance of Void Sails slightly varies, depending on the location where they are to be found. But basically they have the same structure: a central gelatinous body shaped like a curved tube, or like the long neck of a swan, from which is attached a translucent veil floating in the wind. The central body's colour also varies, ranging from a marble gray to a dark blue. The ones spotted in the wastelands north of Venlaken tend to be smaller (just a man's size) and sometimes without any veils around the central "tube". The ones seen by the Anpagan sailors far south of the Ansaran Island are of greater size (two or three men, one on top of the other) with ample veils ending in five huge and very thin tentacles on each side. Similar in shape and size are also the ones spotted in the far west regions of Nybelmar, yet these seem to have no tentacles at all. Sometimes people reporting sightings of some larger Void Sails swear that they have seen the shape of a human body caught inside the gelatinous structure. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The Void Sails are always seen hovering above the ground (or water), yet there is nothing apparent in their structure that would allow them to do that. Therefore even to this day they are believed to be beings infused with a strange kind of magic unknown to the Ansaran Mages. Their name also comes from an older belief that they must be related somehow to the Ethereal Void, since they were spotted only in regions close to this phenomenon. That was of course, until they were seen north of the Venlaken Enclave, after which people started to name them "Inami" (following the strange mythical character also present in the Daedhirian scrolls).

Void Sails are also reported to have a special way of "singing", and some say that the Void Sails are even able to whisper words in a long forgotten language. But while from their singing one may understand that their central body is hollowed, the reports about their whispers indeed make no sense outside the world of magic. But what is true in both cases is that these sounds they are producing do not seem at all an attempt to communicate something. The Void Sails generally seem oblivious to the world that surrounds them.

In the 15th century a famous Anpagan explorer, Bertrand D'Alba, claimed that in one of his journeys he encountered such a Void Sail and used it as a means for transportation. In "The Extraordinary Journeys of Bertrand D'Alba" he tells how by a pure accident he was embedded in the gelatinous body of such a Void Sail and thus he could witness the impossible journey to the western shores of Nybelmar. Though no one else reported something similar, the claim still remains in the scholarly discussions as opposed to the one, which states that the Void Sails are actually preying on the unfortunate humans stumbling upon them.
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Territory. As their name suggests, the Void Sails are seen mostly in the regions close to the Ethereal Void. The only exception to this are the smaller ones spotted in the wastelands north of the Venlaken Enclave. Also in Nybelmar they were reported in the far western continental regions or floating above the seas far south of the Anpagan peninsula. Recently, in the Library of New-Santhala a few scrolls were found mentioning such beings in the south of the desert continent of Aeruillin as well. If their connection with the Ethereal Void is proven to be true, then more of them could probably be found in other regions of the world as well.
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Habitat/Behaviour. There is little known about the Void Sails "true" behaviour, or more precise: Nobody really know whether the Void Sails act on purpose or just accidentally. The Void Sails generally seem oblivious to the world that surrounds them, but many of those that have seen them claim that their actions prove a certain sentience. The Anpagan explorer Bertrand D'Alba claimed even more than that: the Void Sail that carried him was actually talking to him all the time. To support this idea there are also the reports about their special kind of "whispering", and some people even wrote down what they believed they have heard. A well reputed trader from Zhun for example described once how a huge Void Sail floated near his Pacifier galley for days, singing and whispering continuously and acting like out of an extreme curiosity, until it suddenly left them floating away to its own purpose. And reports like this have become in time indeed innumerable.
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Diet. It is unknown what the diet of the Void Sail is, as no one has ever seen them "eating". Actually it is unknown whether they need any kind of food or not. Still, the Anpagan sailors (but only they) have lots of stories about Void Sails fighting the huge sea serpents of the Zyloth Sea. Yet about the way in which they fight them, each story has its own version. 
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Mating. No mating scenes were ever reported. The smaller Void Sails, north of Venlaken, led many scholars to believe that they could be younger than their larger cousins from other parts of the world. Yet these are but only speculations.
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Myth/Lore. Every single bit of knowledge about the Void Sails (or Inamis) might be considered mythical. Yet there is one very interesting interpretation (and perhaps the most coherent) that is worth mentioning here. It is based upon the Anpagans' belief that once, on their lands, a long lost and forgotten civilization had met its fate. Probably contemporary with the fabled dark wizard Menemronn or even older, this great civilization perished in an unimaginable cataclysm. Such the Anpagans explain the long abandoned ruins that they found when they first settled in the Venlaken area. And such, some of them explain these majestic creatures. The Void Sails are actually some of the last vestiges of this ancient civilization. They were their means of transportation, their "Pacifier" galleys. Embedded in the gelatinous body of a Void Sail they were sailing them as the Anpagans are now sailing their galleys on the vast seas. And the myth also claims that these ancient Void Sails were far more larger than the largest ever seen by now. Some say that after the great cataclysm the Void Sails disappeared in the great Ethereal Void, drawn to it by their very own magic. And so the ones that can be seen now are those that have lost their way and are searching it ever since. Perhaps someone will be able to tame them once, as Armand Da'Ran tamed the great sea serpents. Yet every scholar on the Ansaran Island warns about the possibility that a Daedhirian mage would accomplish that (considering the Void Sails spotted north of Venlaken). Should the twisted mages of the Enclave ever tame these creatures that would spell the doom of us all.
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