The Ss'nen is an arboreal rodent found only in the dense forests of Quallian, and it measures barely 1 1/2 palmspans from head to tail. It is easily recognized because of the unique feature that also gives it its name, two long and bushy tails that it keeps lifted and slightly curled over its back.

The Forest Twotails

View picture in full size Image description. The Forest Twotails posing on a branch in front of the blue city walls of Aer'ylferia, the largest settlement in the Quallian Forest. Picture drawn by Faugar.

Appearance. The Ss'nen is a small rodent that inhabits the trees in the Quallian Forest, it measures 1 1/2 palmspans making it one of the smaller mammals of the forest. Its body is of a soft gray tone but the two tails have different colour, one is completely black while the other is clear white. The fur is long and rather coarse making it inadequate for pelting uses. The head is small and the snout is pointy. The ears are small and round with little fur covering them. Ss'nens eyes are completely black with a faint light gray ring around them. As all rodents the teeth of this rodent grow continuously trough their whole life and have to be worn down by gnawing on anything hard such as branches, nutshells, etc. It has no canines and the molars are located far away from the incisors.

The body of the
Ss'nen is cylindrical, the hind legs are longer than the fore legs and have 3 clawed toes. The forelegs are very nimble with 4 clawed finger that allow the ssnen to hold its food while it is eating.

Both tails can move independent
ly one from the other, which gives the Ss'nen a very good balance - it is a very agile creature that can perform amazing jumps from tree to tree at high speed and balancing on thin twigs.
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Special Abilities. The Ss'nen has a great balance thanks to its twin tails and is able to leap distances several times its own length. Return to the top

Territory. The Ss'nen can only be found in the forests of the Quallian. However, there have been found evidences (mostly bones) of the existence of Ss'nen in the Zeiphyrian Forest in earlier times.
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Habitat/Behaviour. This arboreal rodent builds its nest in hollow trees as far away from the ground as possible. The nest is carefully filled with dry moss and leaves. Ss'nens have several storage trees that are scattered around the forest where they hoard seeds and nuts for the winter or for seasons of shortage.

Ss'nen is not a very social animal, it roams alone until the mating season. They are very curious and are always investigating everything, it is not unusual to find a Ss'nen inside huts or houses that are close to its territory. It is diurnal and spends most of the day seeking or storaging food or just jumping from tree to tree.

most feared enemy of the Ss'nen is the mimsy, which is one of the few animals able to follow them up into the trees and thus can reach the Ss'nens even in the nest using its claws. The only way the Ss'nen can escape from the mimsy is climbing out on the thinnest twigs. When the Ss'nen is scared it makes a sharp sound before fleeing as fast as it can.
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Diet. The Ss'nen feeds mostly on the seeds and the simn of the adelmir tree, it also descends to the ground to feed on the loriv berries. It has been known that it frequents the cloewen trees and drink the sweet nectar from the flowers, this way it also helps with the pollination of the trees.
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Mating. The mating season takes place during the months of Avnni'moda and Mh'avashn. Each female can be courted by up to ten males that will follow her as long as she is in heat. The males are aggressive against each other and only the stronger Ss'nen may mate with the female.

The pregnancy lasts between 4 to 5 weeks, during this time the female makes her nest even more comfortable by robbing the bird nests for plumage that it takes back to its own nest.
There are 3 to 7 ssnen in each litter, all born without fur and closed eyes that open after approx. 9 days. The young depend completely on the mother for food and warmth, the last one is the most important, the Ss'nen kits do not stand cold and will die easily if the mother were to leave them before they had fur. After 3 weeks in the nest the kits abandon it to live on their own.
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Myth/Lore. It is said that the Ss'nen was created by two wizards that could not agree on the color that they would give their creation, one wanted black and the other white. At the end they decided to let the creature be gray, the mix of both colors, and made it have two tails, one black and one white.

Other people say that the
Ss'nen was created at the same time by Av and Cor that was why it had both the color of the light and the darkness, the realms of Av and Cor.
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