Snakes (or "Serpents") are elongate, legless, carnivorous reptiles that are invertebrate and can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears. Worms or "Wyrms" also refers to the same kind of animal, at least as far as the shape is concerned, though these are not necessarily carnivorous, but mostly are of smaller sizes. The distinction between these terms however isn't clearly defined - there are even dragons who are called "Wyrms", simply because of their worm-like bodies.

Overview. The following snakes and worms have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Aglan Slug

The Algan Slug, named after the man who researched them, is typically found in and around the Mithral Mountains in shady, moist areas where the sun will not easily dry them out. They are typically a brown colour that blends into their surroundings and helps them to camouflage themselves. They are interesting in their ability to produce an acid that will burn most predators’ mouths. Return to the top


The Cheerk is a strange-looking large worm, generally white or red, with two small pink stripes running down its body. It is regarded as a pest by many throughout Caelereth, as it will, with time, take all the nutrients from the soil it inhabits. This is a result of the venom it secretes from its double-forked tails, as well as the Cheerk's ravenous eating habits. It is however, the staple diet for many creatures, and is necessary to the ecosystem. Return to the top


Long fabled in myth and folklore, the Dragonworm is a remarkable creature, and proof that even the most powerful creatures can be plagued by parasites. They spend most of their lives inside the stomachs of great drakes and wyverns, entirely unnoticed. It is only when they start to pupate into their adult form, the legendary Yeanling, that they cause problems, and it now seems that many a tale of settlements beset by fearsome dragons can be blamed on nothing more than a worm in the gut. Return to the top

The Etherus Worm, named after the God of Lust, is a particularly interesting creature. At roughly two spans long and half a span in diameter, it is regularly mistaken for a snake. The female creature secretes a thin, mucus-like film from its body during its mating season, and this film can be collected and woven into transparent, shimmery clothing called ether-flake. Return to the top

The Festra Flying Snake

The Festra Flying Snake is one of the most impressive animals in all of Nybelmar. It has the predatory instincts of a snake and the ability to glide through the air, maintaining height much better than the average bird. They are found more predominately in the Rainforests of Shar, but a few have been sighted in the depths of the Phéd’lón, the Drifting Woods. Return to the top

Fleshworms are small creatures that feed upon already-decaying flesh. They are commonly seen in two places on the Sarvonian Continent, in the areas of the Shaded Forest, and around the Silvermarshes. There appear to be two distinct climate zones for these worms, though each type is similar in appearance and behaviour: one prefers to live in quite cool climates, and has a fascinating resistance to cold, while the second prefers to live in wet, foggy or misty climates, and therefore is less cold-tolerant than the former type. Fleshworm are also referred to as "Flesh Eater Worms", "Maggotworms", "Corse-wyrms" or "Silvermarsh Worms" to indicate their territory. Return to the top


The Grass Snake

Grass Snakes live throughout the continent of Sarvonia, making their home in grassy fields and heaths. They are fairly harmless creatures and pose no threat to humans in the least bit. The usually eat small rodents, fish, insects, and eggs. There are four different subspecies of Grass Snake, named for the color of their scales: Green, Gold, Bronze, and Black. Return to the top

The Lisdra Snake ("Lisdra" being used as the plural also), famed as a luxury pet for the "despicable witches of Marmarra", is a creature of both elegance and brutality. Notorious for its unannounced mood changes and for acting on its assumptions and instincts, the Lisdra can be found living in the wild in the eastern parts of the beautiful plains of Zhun. This particular snake has always had associations with arrogance, intolerance and vanity, and as such has been compared to Marmarrans many a time by the other Zhunites. Shining in their purple scales, these creatures have constantly possessed an aura of odd beauty about them that was only overshadowed by their ferocity in hunting. Return to the top

The Lukrinam Snake (plural form is "Lukrinam" as well) is a beast to be reckoned with. It inhabits the jungles surrounding the Krean men in Nybelmar and is known to kill effortlessly. The distinctively coloured snake is famous for its amazing capabilities its fangs provide, such as spraying and injecting its lethal venom. This large snake hunts every animal the jungles has to offer and once you are in its sight you probably won’t get away with your life. Return to the top

Living on the banks of the biggest rivers of Santharia, these approx. nearly half a ped long pale rosy worms are a fairly primitive species. Living semi-submerged in the mud of the banks, these worms cannot live without water, unlike other species of worms. They are very long and are fairly easy prey for a lot of birds and other animals along the river. Return to the top

The Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent is a colourful creature and if you saw one you would want to walk away because - though you may feel the need to run - you would make them think you were prey to be chased down. This serpent is highly venomous, and can kill trespassers quickly. It can take as little as half a minute to kill a small creature the size of a mouse and 5 minutes at most to kill a larger creature such as a bear. This venom can, however, be made into an ache remedy if you are in need of one. This remedy helps with head aches and stomach pains.
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The Rosesnake is a small snake preyed upon by raptors (birds of prey) and other flying creatures. Its venom is often used in healing and medicine, even counteracting more harmful venom from larger and more potent snakes. They are found anywhere small mammals thrive, nesting in areas with poisonous plants.
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The Sand Viper is the most dangerous known snake on the Sarvonian continent. Even if it is most commonly only found in the desert of Rahaz-Dath, some very few cases have been reported of some Sand Vipers being found in the nearby Narfost Plain as well. Besides being very poisonous the Sand Viper is also one of Sarvonia’s most beautiful reptiles, it has a beautiful yellow hide covered with white spots outlined in black. This hide, when worked properly, can be turned into the most beautiful skin jackets and boots.
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The Ska'Kailn, also called "Snakeworm" or just plain "Worm" in human slang, range from many types around the world. The normal, forest-loving Ska'Kailn is about 1 and 2/3 peds long, with a tapering tail and a flat gaping mouth. The Ska'Kailn have no face, it looks like a long serpent that was cut with a knife at the middle, and the cut turned into a mouth. Return to the top

If you would find yourself in the Forest of Contamar of Blain Woods, chances are you might spot a snake unlike any other. A snake with fur; snow-white if it is as cold as usual and golden if a tiny, lousy, bit of warmth is in the air. This creature is called a "Snynx". When icy winds blow through the hrugchuck grass, the snynx will keep on its business while other snakes would have frozen stiff. The origin of the word 'Snynx' is unknown, but may possibly be related to the local elven name for the creature 'Ermyníc'. Return to the top

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