Throughout Caelereth there are beings that cannot be considered a "race" in the typical sense, yet they unmistakably show signs of sentience and intelligence, sometimes way beyond what is imaginable for humans. Often compendiumists cannot explain these creatures' origins, or it is difficult to track them down, or they are considered mythical - until new sightings seem to suggest otherwise. Below we've tried to collect these mysterious creatures:

Overview. The following Sentient Beasts have been recorded so far:

The Drasil ("History Tree")

Drasil, or "History Trees", are large, dark, tree-like creatures that are known to mainly serve as protectors of Aohu'o Brownies living at the continent of Akdor. The rare Drasil that survive outside of Akdor serve as a memory storage for the people, due to their phenomenal, prodigious  memories. Therefore, the Drasil have been appropriately dubbed "History Trees."
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The Hiveling Creature

Dancing without feet, watching without eyes, and roaring in a buzzing, shivering dialect spoken by wings in place of a tongue. Most of what is known of the Hivelings is from fleeting eyewitness accounts and ancients stories and songs. Most commonly described as “a man made of bees”, they in fact take many forms, using many kinds of insect as a host – though always swarming insects, and it seems they cannot keep such a form for long. Foremost, this is a creature of impossibilities; by rights it shouldn’t exist at all – and its very presence invites questions that have few clear answers. Return to the top

The Pendrowe Plant Being

The Pendrowe are plant-like beings who act as guardians and caretakers of the many forested regions of Caelereth. The Pendrowe types most encountered and documented have an appearance of a tree, although it is known that Pendrowe can appear as most any kind of plant type. Pendrowe is often used as the plural and singular form when referring to the plant.
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Have you ever tasted the air after a hard rain, and stood perhaps in awe of a clarity of presence, filled with light and reverence for life everywhere? Have you ever experienced the way a forest of dripping leaves fills itself with a sibilant percussion that empties your head of words? If so, then you may have already encountered a Rainspirit and received its blessing. Rainspirits, or the "Yaamûr" as they are known in Nybelmar (pronounced: yaaah-moor), are benevolent presences which are said to possess the power to “empty the head of words” and bless people with the gift of silence.
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Windrunners are spirits that ride the morning winds. But whether they are a benevolent presence or “awful, awful things” is very much in the eye of the beholder. It is said of some women, often with a disapproving look and a rolling of the eyes, that “women on their own run in their family”. Perhaps it is exactly this quality which attracts Windrunners - a call of kindred spirits, a resonance.

Having lived a lifetime in a brick house, neatly pressed between a husband and two neighbours, these ungainly, inconsiderate women wake up one morning to find a Windrunner dancing around them, for them - with them. And over the course of the day, after the stupor of a decade dutifully spent, a fierce independence comes into their eyes again. By Sundrown, there is rest no more in their hearts, which for so long lay undisturbed and moth-ed over. Then, we say of such women: They have “gone with the wind”. - Husbands and oppressive mothers-in-law: Beware the Windrunner! Return to the top


 Date of last edit 21st Dead Tree 1670 a.S.

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