Rodents are mammals characterised by a single pair of continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws which must be kept short by gnawing. Common rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, porcupines, beavers or hamsters to name just a few. While soem are considered vermin others captivate because of their cuteness.

Overview. The following rodents have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The City Rat

The City Rat (also called the "Sewer Rat" or "Under Rat" and not to be confused with the vilerat) is one of the larger and more dangerous types of rats native to Caelereth. The city rat is so named because of its native habitat, the sewers of various cities of Caelereth, and because it is often used as a steed for various Rat Brownie tribes who also dwell in city sewers and underworks. Return to the top

Dune MouseCommon Ferret

"Dune Mouse" is the common name for the Styrásh "Injèrcál'halthról" (Injèrcál'halthról), which can mainly be found in the deserts of Aeruillin. Dune Mice are no true mice in fact, although they are members of the rodent family, and have similarities with squirels, but live in arid climates. Dune Mice are very active animals and will range great distances in search of food. They are nocturnal animals which have a good sense of direction and can always return to their burrows. They are also often seen as an omen of good luck in order to find water in the desert. Return to the top

The Field Mouse

The Field Mouse is a small rodent, found in long rolling plains or alternately old houses and any place in between. Low on the food chain, these beasts reproduce at an alarming rate. They aren't especially vicious and rely on their size, speed, and own ingenuity to survive. Return to the top

Flunkies are small, quill-bearing rodents that dwell mostly in the Thaelon area of Southern Sarvonia. Odd creatures to behold, they can be aggressive if interfered with, and fight furiously for food and territory, using long claws and sharp teeth. As they are conspiciously colored, their only protection from predators are their long, sharp spines which, when fully hardened, are almost unbreakable. Return to the top

The Fuzzle Mouse

The Fuzzle is a small mouse-like rodent with long fluffy fur that can be found throughout Sarvonia. Being a timid creature but of a curious nature it tends to hide in the shadows only emerging when the temptation is too great. Some people, especially small children will catch them and keep them as pets. The Fuzzle’s excitement over anything new and the fact that they fit easily in a small hand is why children delight in finally catching one. Children will bring them little presents such as buttons or just about anything and watch them explore every square grain with their tiny little hands. Fuzzles will do well in captivity if properly cared for and will eat almost anything. Some say that this rodent became known as the "Lint Mouse" as a misunderstanding of the Styrásh term "Lín’melór", meaning "little shadow". Return to the top

The Greycat or Melád Feníl (Styrásh Melád Feníl, meaning "Grey Cat", singular and plural are indentical), is actually not even related to felines. It is also known as the "Grey Rabbit" to humans. It is in fact more closely related to the squirrels, the kuatu, of Southern Santharia. It is a rodent that loves to live amongst the sparse trees and underground. The reason for their name is their long tails and elongated ears, but they are rather stout and resemble rabbits more closely than they do cats. The Greycat is closely related to the norjordi, a rabbit-like beast, in the Aj'nuvic Grounds, that have the special ability to climb the great cacti growing in this area. Return to the top

Thus little mammal is also often called "Snow Mouse", "Singing Mouse" or - mostly in Santharia where people have difficulties to pronounce the term "Hrugchuck" - people often refer to it as the "Blue Mouse". Actually this mouse is just an ordinary mouse, but with its light blue colour, it's solely diets on the hrugchuck grass, its adaptation to the harsh climatic conditions of the Icelands it is a very special little animal. Return to the top

The Kuatu ("Quirrl", "Squirrel")

Found throughout forests in Sarvonia, these noisy reddish-brown and black-striped rodents can be seen leaping from pine tree to pine tree gathering the seeds out of the cones, their long fluffy tails serving as a balance. The Kuatu is also known as Quirrl, Treejumper, Squirrel, and Ku’errel.
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The Leveret is a member of the rabbit family that lives in the northern areas of Sarvonia up into the icelands of Caelereth. They range as far south as Nyermersys, but tend to be most common in the areas north of the Tandalas, the Celeste Lowlands and the Oros. They are attractive, thick furred rodents with large ears and bright eyes. Return to the top

The Lín'Aoél ("Fairy Mouse")

The Lín'aoél (Styrásh for "Little Fairy"), also known as the Fairy Mouse, is a mischievous little fellow. An excess of fur leaves it looking like a ball of fur, speeding along the ground. Their speed and cunning often leads them from under the boot of a person finding holes in their food or clothes. This appearance often reminds people of their childhood fairy-tales, of fairies and adventures. But despite mothers’ pleas, children love to keep them as pets. Found throughout most elven forests and many human settlements all over Santharia, these little beasts are the enemies of cooks everywhere. Return to the top

The Minchwrat, commonly known as the Minch (also refered to as Mincher or Minchin), is an aggressive, destructive mid-sized rodent which is popular with no one, but as it usually frequents the higher reaches of the scantly-populated Mithral Mountains, its nasty habits are kept in check by the bounds of its geographical location. Return to the top

The Quallian Sýs'neán

The Sýs'neán is an arboreal rodent found only in the dense forests of Quallian, and it measures barely 1 1/2 palmspans from head to tail. It is easily recognized because of the unique feature that also gives it its name, two long and bushy tails that it keeps lifted and slightly curled over its back. Return to the top

The Riccio is a small rodent which is covered with sharp, spiny quills. The common Tharian name, "Pricklypig" derives from the way it roots into the ground with its snout, hunting for mushrooms, grubs or other tasty treats. It is also known as "yilthrog" in Styrásh (lit. "spear animal") to the elves, "JiiHok" (lit. "spike animal") to the Thergerim, and "Porkprickle" to the hobbits. It is a fairly common little creature, and frequently seen all across Southern Sarvonia, generally in the forests and wooded areas. There are three known varieties of Riccio in Sarvonia - the common Southern, a Northern Sarvonian variant that is considerably larger - which the Kuglimz people call the "Curi'sar" (lit. "arrow pig") - and the rare Desert Riccio, found in the Ráhaz-Dáth Desert, between Bardavos and Strata.
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The Stone Mouse is one of the most impressive rodents, living in one of the most demanding environment is Sarvonia: the Stone Fields of Peat. Aside from being revered for their survival skills, though, the Stone Mouse is also one of the smallest rodents so that is needs less food to sustain itself. Stone Mice, as their name might suggest, are gray in color, though they may have undertones of white, brown, or even red. Return to the top

The promiscuous Surica (plural Surica as well) is a sleek and agile rodent that thrives in mountainous terrain. It is often seen scampering between hiding places in search of food or a quick game of chase. These scampering, bounding chases have given the rodent a reputation of a fun loving and comical animal. While found in only a few places they have many related cousins scattered throughout Caelereth. Return to the top

The Tarep (plural Tarepi) is categorized in the rabbit family and is known for its small, rounded body, often considered the “cutest” of the rabbit family. They can be found in both the wild and in captivity. Like most rabbits, it “walks” with its front feet and hops with its hind feet unless it needs to move extremely fast to avoid being a snack to predators. Return to the top

The Vilerat

The Vilerat is an aptly named creature, a putrid specimen with hygiene habits rivaling those of a diseased troll. These green-furred, disgustingly big rats are about two palmspans long and can weigh up to an od. These parasite-ridden pests often carry diseases, and were responsible for example for spreading the 696 plague in Quios.
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The Ximax Rat

Ximax Rrats are very intelligent beasts, who are not only capable of running away with your food and creating awful chaos in your kitchen, but also can avoid strategically placed mouse-traps and fool any cute furry kitten, except, maybe, their Ximaxian rivals. After a long time spent in the big human cities, Ximax Rats learned to conceal their true nature, knowing that people's interest in smart rats is for some strange reason bigger that in ordinary rats. Therefore, they are now hardly distinguished from their less gifted relatives, only their fur is generally cleaner.
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