Pigs are known to be highly social and intelligent animals. They represent a species of the most numerous domesticated animals in Caelereth and can be found in various shapes and sizes on all continents. While many pigs are domesticated, there are others who only live in the wild.

Overview. The following wild pigs have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Boardrak, commonly referred to, improperly, as the "Giant Boar", is one of the most massive omnivourous animals in northern Santharia. Its name was derived from the fact that though it is a boar, it is also around the size of certain drakes and has a distantly related feature reminding of these beasts: small bony extrusions on the boar's back. Although this name seems clumsy it remained as the proper name for this beast. These immense lumbering beasts are almost a mirror image of the smaller woolly boar, although they behave quite differently. They are scattered throughout the Tandala Highlands, Mithral Mountains and in some areas of the Warnaka Mountain ranges also. Some Gob-Oc orcs find this boar a great challenge to hunt and it is usually eaten by them in a special maturity ceremony. Return to the top

The Grassland Boar is a large but gentle omnivorous pig, mainly located in the Santharian province of Enthronia. The latter is also the reason why the pig if often referred to as "Enthronian Boar". It is approximately one and a half peds in length (not including its long snout and mouth) making it one of the largest known pigs in Caelereth. It has excellent sense of smell and well built legs for running also making it an outstanding hunter for small prey. Return to the top


The Rimmerings Blackhog

As a dark shape barrelling through the dripping undergrowth, or the unearthly, fearsome sonorous roar that echoes through the hills of Rimmerins
in central Santharia, the Blackhog has a sinister air in the imagination of many people unfamiliar with it. However, as a domesticated animal, or a tenacious, seldom seen wild creature, this singular pig rarely fails to fascinate, with its combination of delicate movements, intelligence and constant murmuring grunting that marks it out as the most sociable of pigs. It is also arguably the most adaptable, within its highly variable homeland. Return to the top

The Domestic Pig is bred from the wild pig, specifically to improve certain qualities such as size and temperament. It is considerably larger than its wild relatives and much slower. There are several variants of Domestic Pig, due to crossbreeding with the woolly boar, but this is the most typical. Return to the top


The Woolly Boar, or Snow Hog, is a stocky pig covered in long coarse hair that protects them in the tundra of northern Sarvonia. You can tell the gender of a mature animal by the colour of its hair: If the coat is white, it is a sow, but if it is black, it is a mature boar and you should leave immediately, or risk harm to yourself from his long tusks. All young pigs are coloured the same, white, and it's the male hormone that causes the colour change. The body of the male pig will never get over seven palmspans, but even a beast that small packs a lot of power. Return to the top

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