Pigs are known to be highly social and intelligent animals. They represent a species of the most numerous domesticated animals in Caelereth and can be found in various shapes and sizes on all continents. They are commonly raised as livestock by farmers for meat (generally called pork, hams, gammon or bacon), as well as for leather. Their bristly hairs are also used for brushes. Some breeds of pig are also kept as pets.

Overview. The following pigs have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Grassland Boar is a large but gentle omnivorous pig, mainly located in the Santharian province of Enthronia. The latter is also the reason why the pig if often referred to as "Enthronian Boar". It is approximately one and a half peds in length (not including its long snout and mouth) making it one of the largest known pigs in Caelereth. It has excellent sense of smell and well built legs for running also making it an outstanding hunter for small prey. Return to the top


The Hogling

The Hogling goes by an assortment of names: Tug, Hobbit Pig, Draft-Swine, Shire Shoat, Hobquon, Riding Pig, Lín'rhaem'quón (Styrásh "Hobbit Pig" or "Little-Folk Pig") and of course Hogling. It is every bit like its namesake, the halfling; short, hairy and rather round. In the world of pigs, it would most probably pass as the cutest of them all, mainly due to its miniature size. But for this hog, size definitely doesn’t matter, as it is quite strong and is used frequently by hobbits to pull heavy weights. Another surprise this pig holds is its speed. For such hefty animals, the Hoglings’ speed is quite remarkable, allowing them to become popular racing animals. They are found almost entirely around the halfling shires, for they too are ‘halflings’. Standing at a much shorter height than other domestic pigs, they are much more manageable for the shorter folk, and their cute looks and curly tails delight many of the younger hobbitlings. Return to the top

The Domestic Pig

The Domestic Pig is bred from the wild pig, specifically to improve certain qualities such as size and temperament. It is considerably larger than its wild relatives and much slower. There are several variants of Domestic Pig, due to crossbreeding with the woolly boar, but this is the most typical. Return to the top


The Rimmerings Blackhog

As a dark shape barrelling through the dripping undergrowth, or the unearthly, fearsome sonorous roar that echoes through the hills of Rimmerins
in central Santharia, the Blackhog has a sinister air in the imagination of many people unfamiliar with it. However, as a domesticated animal, or a tenacious, seldom seen wild creature, this singular pig rarely fails to fascinate, with its combination of delicate movements, intelligence and constant murmuring grunting that marks it out as the most sociable of pigs. It is also arguably the most adaptable, within its highly variable homeland.  Return to the top

 Date of last edit 22nd Rising Sun 1672 a.S.

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