Whispered legends speak of two varieties of drakes whose origins are believed to be within the Netherworld. The Netherwyrm is a creature whose very existence has long been a subject of debate. What is known of the Netherworld is little, but some dark elven myths claim that creatures the likes of a dragon can be summoned from the dark world of Cor, and likely the very nature of these netherwyrms is more akin to demonic than actual dragonkind. The dravilonia is another beast of the Netherworld, but smaller, and is said to have aided the dark folk during the Third Sarvonian War. These drakes were used as mounts for the dark armies and were summoned by powerful clerics of Cor. Like many other creatures said to call the Netherworld their home, the Netherdrakes are not defined by actual fact, but by myth, and their true existence is still debated by scholars.

Overview. The following Netherdrakes have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Dravilonia Drake

The Dravilonia is a very strange, yes even weird kind of beast, which is mosten often mentioned in dark legends about the Lord of the Shadows, Cor, serving his warlords. The Dravilonia is a kind of an undead dragon, but more the size of a drake, summoned from the Netherworlds by the minions of Cor. It can only be ridden by undead or demons and hates everything that lives. Aside from transportation of other foul creatures its only purpose is destroying and killing. This combination made it a frightening appearance on the battlefields of the Third Sarvonian War, where the invasion of Santharia from the north was led by evil warlords using Dravilonias as a means of transport.
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The Netherwyrm Dragon

Netherwyrms are dragons who are said to enter Caelereth from another reality, the dark and foreboding Netherworlds, if summoned by powerful magicians in a joint effort. They are enormous snake/lizard-like beasts of demonic origin with exceptionally powerful claws, whose attack can devastate whole regions easily. There exist only a few legends dealing with the summonings of Netherwyrms, usually in concordance with the much smaller ridden drakes, the dravilonias, which all ended in great bloodshed. The final fate of the Netherwyrm in those stroies is almost always unknown, but Ximax masters agree that their existence in this plane is an agonizing one and they probably die soon after their summoning by themselves being torn away from their natural homelands. As Netherwyrms need to be brought to this plane through the help of Ecu magic, as it is a process of 'ripping' the beast forcefully from the Netherworlds. Return to the top

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