For humanoids who are living on land the category of "land monsters" naturally is the one that poses the greatest danger. Naturally these nasty creatures also tend to defend their own territories - be they desolate landscapes, swamps, murky caves or dark cellars - against unwanted trespassers, and whenever an expedition advances to new areas one should be aware of what might lurk there in the shadows!

Overview. The following land monsters have been recorded so far in the Compendium in order to provide an orientation of the dangers that await out there:

The Bahimut is a humongous, lumbering, and fortunately exceedingly rare, creature of the northern Germon Doith and the Moredein Kaerath in the northwest of Nybelmar. Capable of reaching heights of sixteen to eighteen peds, and weighing around an estimated 9000 pygges, the Bahimut is most likely the largest, or at least the heaviest creature to walk the lands of Caelereth. Even though it is easily followed due to its size and the wake of destruction it creates, many things surrounding these beasts remain veiled in mystery. Return to the top


Stemming originally from the region around Cartash, this type of bear is not only much bigger than his brown bear relative but also much more dangerous. The full grown Cartashian Bear can reach a height of three and a half peds thus rendering his opponents to mere dwarves: Big, dangerous, bad tempered, and vaguely smelly. There exist many different species of bears in the world of Caelereth, but the most notorious and feared of all is the so-called Cartashian Bear, the most deadly bear known to man.
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The Earth Eater, known also as the Behemoth Worm, Sand Serpent or Dune Shark, is a rare breed of worm, which has become accustomed to life deep within the scorching desert sands. These creatures can grow to a height of 3 peds, their lengths ranging from 2.5 peds to 3 peds, and the average Eater weighs over 8 pygges. Eaters are found mostly in southeastern Aeruillin, but they have been seen in the southwest as well. A group fo three Dune Sharks is often referred to as a "pod", young worms are commonly called "Desert Maggots". Return to the top

The Exechon is an enormous, deadly lizard species which can mainly be found at the desert continent of Aeruillin to the south of Sarvonia. The Exechon usually lives in caves at lands consisting of sand and rock, but it is said that its hunger can sometimes force it to leave its territory and that it can feast on dozens of unaware travellers at once. One thing that you should be taught from youth is to never run into an Exechon alone, as a matter of fact running into an Exechon in a group of ten people is also a bad idea. The Exechon is an especially vicious, dangerous, and all around not friendly lizard. Those rows of razor sharp teeth don't seem to be for show either. Return to the top

The Giant Rat

Giant Rats are enormous versions of the common rat, which can mainly be found in Southern Sarvonia but mostly in the surrounding forests of Voldar and the Auturian Woods near Marcogg. They are nocturnal animals, omnivorious and can be quite aggressive if provoked, especially the females. People of Marcogg and the surrounding region even keep Giant Rats for using their milk, which is said to give extra strength. Return to the top

Giant Spiders are huge predatory arachnids that try to avoid contact with all other species. They are not very intelligent and work solely on instinct. As well they are powerful and extremely quick. All Giant Spiders are poisonous in two ways: paralyzing and gooifying. The sight of one instills fear in anyone that sees one and gives the Spider an advantage. Return to the top

Lightworms are large, sand-pale, desert creatures. They, as their name suggests, produce the shining sandlike substance in which the Desert of Light and the Bright Sea (at the continent of Aeruillin) is covered with. This has given them the title "Mothers of Light". The Lightworms juvenile form is much more dangerous than the adult. In their juvenile stage they are large, bloodsucking monsters - quite a hazard to anyone travelling through the Desert of Light. These juvenile monsters are most commonly known as Bloodworms.
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The Mermäc (plural: Mermäc as well) is a large lizard-like beast native to the Hol’Dispor, an enormous desert located in the southwest of the Island of Denilou. They can be found scattered across the enormous desert from the southwest edge to the northeast edge near Toll Brok’Barrol. The Meräc dwells under a thin layer of sand, only allowing its eyes and nose to show from the sand. It is a very deadly beast if you get close enough to it when it is hungry. But it will not go looking for a fight or food, it allows its food to come to it and only travels during the time of mating when the male must go search for a mate. Return to the top

This beast is known all over the Aeruillin continent, though it resides only in parts of the Sveltash Desert. It is a up to a dozen peds long worm-like creature that generally feeds on smaller desert animals. The name "Moonmouth" derives from the mystical bright light coming from behind the monster's teeth, which has a dazing effect on its prey. Although this monster seems to exist in quite some numbers, one cannot find it easily.
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The Netherbeast is said to be one of the most horrifying and bloodthirsty fiends ever to walk the face of Caelereth. Demonologists say that these wretched creatures were summoned and brought to life through magical means thousands of years ago from the depths of the Netherworlds to wreak untold destruction. These beasts may vary completely in appearance, ranging from spider-like forms with human skulls to mighty horned skeletons or slimy, toxic creatures resembling crawling brains and rumored to possess magical abilities never dreamed of. Some demonologists say that the Netherbeast is a vile combination of corpses and bodily parts of other Netherworld creatures. There are some accounts that the bite or wound made by a Netherbeast can turn its victim into a Netherbeast themselves. This may explain how these creatures reproduce. Regardless, it is generally agreed by most scholars that the Mists of Osthemangar in Northern Sarvonia have a fairly high concentration of Netherbeasts stalking about within.
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Although snakes are usually akin to lizards one wouldn't recognize this when viewing the gigantic Ráhaz'Estár, the living horror of Southern Sarvonian Continent. It resembles much more a nightmare of a snake combined with the strength and size of a dragon. So the Ráhaz'Estár or Giant Rock Snake is one of the great dangers a traveller can encounter while crossing the desert of the Ráhaz'Dáth. With its length of up to seven peds it is one of the biggest predators of the desert and its ability to melt with its surroundings while lying unmovingly and waiting for its prey not seldom cause the death of incautious travellers. Though being big and strong this snake nevertheless kills the prey with its lethal venom.
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The Sleeper in the Snow, as known by the Remusians, is considered by many sages and researchers as a unique land ray. Upwards of two peds in length and equally wide, it seems to “swim” through snow and ice as easily as normal sea rays swim in the seas. It is found within the frozen north of Sarvonia, concentrated in the Iceland Coast region, but stories of even larger ones being found in Cyhalloi have been told. They are a predator that much is unknown, yet is much speculated on.
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The Magical Slimer Creature

So-called "Slimers" are strange morphing entities coming in a multitude of colours. They clearly are generated through magical or alchemical means, or in most cases a combination of both, though whenever they come into existence it happens quite unintentionally. Slimers appear as viscid moving carpets with a minimal form of intelligence, focusing on expanding by absorbing substances - yet they can develop into something distinctly beast-like with facial or claw-like feeatures if they actually "digest" living things. Slimers may consist of a variety of substances and the more sticky these substances are, the more they are capable of climbing walls or even ceilings. While capable of splitting and living on as two different creatures for a while, it is known that an accidentally created Slimer only lasts for hours or days until it dissipates without being able to actually reproduce itself in any way. Extremely sticky and disgusting variations of these creatures, like grey and nor'sidian ones, are also referred to as "Oozers". Return to the top

The Swamp Stalker

The Swamp Stalker is a thin bipedal beast about 1 ˝ peds tall, which is often mistaken for a tree. Though quite rare, it can be found in several of the larger marshes of Sarvonia, from the Silvermarshes in the north to the Oka’Seri Swamp in the South.
The Swamp Stalkers’ most dangerous attribute is a thick liquid they secrete from their bellies. This is a digestive substance which, when applied to a dead body, causes extremely rapid decomposition. Stalkers rub their food across their abdomens to pre-digest it, then absorb the nutrients through the slits in the belly. If a live animal or person comes in contact with this fluid, the flesh breaks out into horrible decaying blisters, which leave permanent scars, assuming the individual survives. Stalkers are very fast with their hands, but cannot travel swiftly. Return to the top

The Tsor-Shotak Lizard

The Tsor-Shota (TSOR SHOW-TAH, singl. "Tsor Shotak") or "Giant Mountain Lizard", is a heavy, slow moving lizard native to the mountains of Northern Sarvonia. They primarily can be found in the Imlith, Celeste and Prominent Mountain ranges. The lizard's extremely tough and scaly hide is often used as armour by the reclusive Kaaer'dár'shín human tribe while the lizard meat is often dried and stored for consumption during the tribe's winter months. Despite the lizard's unsightly appearance and dangerous bite, it is a shy animal and is rarely seen by travelers.
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The Warg Wolf-Beast

Wargs are dark creatures that once served during the War of the Chosen as messengers and steed for orcs in the service of black mages. They have long received a bad reputation and were slowly driven out of South Sarvonia after the war. They appear to be just beasts of unjust creation or magical experimentation and are viewed as the creatures that obey all commands. They are not. This beast is a rather intelligent creature and only follows the orders of others when the mood suits it. Even though they served mostly as mounts and messengers, they still found a share of battle and proved themselves able to think in difficult situations. These fierce creatures are unlike other animals when fighting in packs or on their own, their intelligence is slightly frightening. A main difference between Wargs in the wild and ones brought up by orcs is their ability to think on their own. Wargs raised by orcs rely less on themselves for survival and more on their masters, so their potential intelligence doesn't fully develop. Return to the top

The Zyloth

The Zyloth is an enormously huge, strange, and most immensly powerful beast. It can be thought of as a dragon if you want, without the wings, yet it makes up in intensity what is lost in the wings. Many times people report foam fuming out of the mouth, and that they are rabid killing machines. This is not to far from the truth. By no means are these monsters of beasts evil, yet they carry out a manor which strictly states they are dominate. Return to the top

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