Monkeys and apes are flexible humanoid tree climbing creatures, thus are usually found in forests, jungles and the like. They come in various shapes and sizes, but most of them are smaller than humans and are sporting tails, some even wings. What they mostly have in common is a certain intelligence, which on the one hand makes them receptive to training, on the other hand wild monkeys and apes can also become quite a nuisance...

Overview. The following monkeys have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Capou-Capou Flying Ape

The Flying Ape or "Capou-Capou" (singular and plural form are identical) is a small monkey-creature that resides mainly in the jungles/forests all over souther-eastern Nybelmar. The Capou-Capou is green with small wings on its back. While the monkey isn't really capable of flying, the wings are used often though in order to glide from tree to tree. Aside from that the Capou-Capou can take off and move about one ped off of the ground for a distance of five peds using its wings only. Return to the top

In the far north of Sarvonia, in the blighted land known as the Plain of Ehelvin, strange creatures, warped by evil magics, are known to lurk. One such beast is the Darkmist Whelp, a vicious ape-like creature with bizarre abilities and behaviour. Few people have dared research this creature and not all of them have escaped unscathed. Return to the top


The Jupa is one of the more favoured denizens of the rainforests of Shar in Nybelmar. Popular due to their natural cheeky character and unnatural cuteness, Jupas are attracted to the homes of the Krean in many different ways; the most common by planting it’s favourite food, the keelo tree, in their gardens. Seen as more of as a natural amusement than a stealing pest, Krean have enjoyed the company of these animals for generations and probably will for many more. Return to the top

The Long-Ear Monkey or Ky'Mon Tibbar is a small mammal which looks like a crossbreed of a capou-capou, the Nybelmarian monkey, and a leveret rabbit ("Tibbar" is the common name for desert rabbits). It is about two fore in length, and its ears are a third of its bodylength. The ears are mainly used for heat loss, but also show its social status. The Ky'Mon Tibbar is highly intelligent and even uses some tools. This monkey lives in large "family trees", mainly in the the Open Woodlands in the Northern Ráhaz-Dáth, but also in adjacent forests when the woodlands fall dry. The Ky'Mon Tibbar is also often referred to as Tree Tibbar, Tree Rabbit, Jumping Long-Ear or simply Long-Ear. Return to the top

The Makaka is a small ape of Nybelmar, which has been imported to Sarvonia via Avennorian trade ships and become a popular pet with many sailors of these trading routes. Among Sarvonian humans, they are also known as "elf whelps" for their sharply pointed ears and long slim fingers. This is not considered amusing to the elven populations in Sarvonia. Return to the top


The Thiefling Monkey

With its brightly coloured pelt, the Llaoioo (lit. "Tail-Hand"), also known as "Thiefling" to the humans, is a sight to behold. It lives on the wooded slopes of the Dark Hills, to the east of the hidden Vale of the Brownies, which in turn is located in the western part of the Rimmerins Ring. No more than two palmspans, it seems to almost fly through the Darkwoods trees, making clever use of not only hands and feet, but also its tail. If one would manage to sneak up on them, the small monkeys would be found chattering in a large family group. Of course, that is assuming one can sneak up on them – at the smallest sign of danger, they take off like a volley of colourful birds, shattering in all directions and leaving their would-be captor in a dark and strange wood. Return to the top

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