Aquatic and semi-aquatic mammals constitute a diverse group of mammals that dwell partly or entirely in bodies of water. They range from the various marine mammals who dwell in oceans, among them the dolpolk, whales or seals, to freshwater species, such as the oloy.

Overview. The following aquatic mammals have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Aquanix

The warm, tropical seas around the islands of the Scattersand Shoals are home to the shy and mysterious Aquanix (plural "Aquani"). This placid creature is best described as a gentle giant of the sea. Growing close to five peds in length, it can be quite a scary experience to be in the vicinity of such a large animal, though one need not fear. Except during the breeding season, when they are protecting their newborn foals, the Aquanix prefers flight to fight. Return to the top

The Dolphune

Dolpholk (singular "Dolphune") are warm-blooded, semi-sentient sea creatures. Researchers are only now beginning to investigate this species further because of their close relationship with merpeople. The other names known for them are “Ffeechuvo” (Mermish), “AnjorWie” (Thergerim, transliterated as ‘fish-thing’!) and the lyrical elven “Thymie’ll’so” (Styrásh
Thymie’ll’so, with discernable roots to ‘sea’, ‘jewel’, and ‘song’...)
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The Oloy

The Oolboïéabey, more commonly known among non-merfolk as the "Oloy" (both singular and plural), is a rather intelligent and elusive aquatic mammal of the Drifting Woods area in north-western Nybelmar. Despite being used as pets by the local merfolk, and valued for their waterproof pelts by the humans, they manage to thrive in the dark waters of the woods, and can be found, with a lot of luck almost everywhere underneath the forest. Return to the top


The Pinnip

The Pinnip is an attractive Northern marine, seal-like mammal that is found throughout the northern oceans of Caelereth. They are fairly widespread, normally ranging as far south as Nyermersys and north as far as the Ice Sea, where they are the most prevalent. In winter months they may be seen as far south as Thyslan and Veltin. Return to the top


In a land of black rock and white snow, of grey sky and green sea, of winds and waters, of beauty and cruelty, the Selkie is a creature of two faces. In the winter it hunts in the dark waters of the Ice Sea, singing through storms. In summer it stalks the land, transformed in almost every respect. The sea Selkie is a fleeting, swift and strange creature, a vision of a darker world beneath the feet of every sailor. The land Selkie is a silent, grey predator, which kills with swords of bone and feeds the dead to its mewling children. The Selkie as a whole? Well, who knows how those dark eyes view the world? Only one thing is for sure: something gives it a reason to smile. - The majority of the information in this entry is taken from the observations of Rossmarus Doben. Return to the top


The Whale

Whales, also known as the "First-Singers" or "Carteloreen", are large, warm-blooded, gregarious creatures that have chosen to live completely in and underwater, although they are air-breathers. They are variously regarded as semi-sentient beings, the bards of the ocean, and valuable sources of oils and fats. Friends to the merfolk, capable of complex and eerie melodies, and harvested by the Avennorians, these great beasts are still shrouded in mystery to many people. Return to the top

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