There are creatures in the world of Caelereth, which exist only because of magical means - either they are entirely created by magic or they sustain themselves through magical sources. Good or bad, helper or threat, a magical creature is a force to be reckoned with as their abilities often by far exceed those of mere mortals made from flesh and bone...

Overview. The following Magical Creatures have been recorded so far:

The Black Unicorn

Red glowing eyes, dark as a corbie, fumes coming out of its nostrils, an unearthly apparition spawned by the swamps of Venlaken, this is the horned steed of the twisted lords of the Enclave, the Black Unicorn. There is little though in this nightmarish demon that could match the noble creature known as unicorn throughout all Caelereth. Yet perhaps its horse-like appearance, the spiraled horn in its forehead and its elusive behavior may suggest the origins of its name. Return to the top

The term "Chimaera" incites a certain amount of fear, a certain amount of amusement, and a certain amount of confusion. The word is really a classification of a large group of beasts similar only in origin, that of a particularly strange demonology ritual. However, whenever one comes face-to-face with one of the beasts, it is always best to run. Very fast, and very well, because there's no telling what skills the creature might have...
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Long fabled in myth and folklore, the Dragonworm is a remarkable creature, and proof that even the most powerful creatures can be plagued by parasites. They spend most of their lives inside the stomachs of great drakes and wyverns, entirely unnoticed. It is only when they start to pupate into their adult form, the legendary Yeanling, that they cause problems, and it now seems that many a tale of settlements beset by fearsome dragons can be blamed on nothing more than a worm in the gut. Return to the top

The Elemental

An Elemental is a powerful magical being, consisting solely of one of the four elements (wind, earth, fire, water). Elementals do not exist on their own, but have to be created first artificially, by a mage proficient in casting xeuá magic (Level VIII Xeuá Spell: Create Elemental). In the process of this creation, the mage strengthens the bond of elemental xeuá, creating "life" in the element of question. However, as the element will seek its normal form, the Elemental will soon dissolve, the magical bonds maintaining it being burnt out. Usually Elementals last only for a few hours unless enhanced by further magic.

Unlike a golem for example, the Elemental is not bond to its creator. Yet, controlling the fury of the elements is not an easy task, and the Elemental can very well break free if under a spell's control, becoming a danger to the sumoner himself and all others who might be in the area nearby.
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Grass Rippers are spotted as large spheres, found slowly crawling around the countryside of Ximax, slowly but steadily devouring any vegetation in these mysterious little creatures’ path. Although uncertain about its origin, these beings are classified as magical beasts, following a strong belief that their existence is due to accidental magic. These slimy beasts leave behind a fluid trail which was rapidly discovered to have unusual properties, some of which when used appropriately, yield a vast range of potions. Return to the top

The Imp

The creature known as an Imp is a sentient beast not more than two fores tall that is said to resemble a thin lizard-like goblin with wings. Additionally, the Imp has an unusual looking face that resembles a smooth, bone-like mask with glowing red eyes. Imps have been favoured as intelligent and loyal familiars among many archmages over the centuries ever since the secret to their summoning was discovered in 600 a.S. The Imp is a creature not native to the lands of Sarvonia, or even Nybelmar, and has long been an object of study amongst scholarly Ximaxian and Thalambathan researchers. Contemporary sages agree that the first Imp was likely summoned from a far away unexplored land of Caelereth. The lone piece of evidence that began this theory comes from an old journal supposedly written by a powerful mage named Lilis Farmantle who made her home on the island of Denilou. The journal, entitled "Vagaries of the Summoned Entity", had several entries dated approximately 600 a.S. These entries detailed how the mage had perfected a summoning ritual to bring forth a creature that she claimed was from a land far to the east of Denilou. If the notes are taken as truth, then the imps are perhaps native to the unexplored lands known as Yamalquain. The journal survived a devastating fire in Farmantle's tower in 650 a.S. and somehow made its way to Southern Sarvonia. The journal (likely a copy and not the original) now makes its home in the Summoning section in the Ximaxian Magical Academy's vast library of arcane lore. It is rumoured a copy of the book also resides in the collection of lore in the Truban city of Thalambath as well.
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Incas are shapeshifters, who dont have any true form. When they do not choose their form, they are seen as blueish grey clouds. They do however change into other forms quite often, specifically the elemental forms that the creature lives in and a creature that is common to that area. For example, if the creature lives in the woods, then it will take the form of foliage of an elf or a wolf.
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The Golem

Golems are beings created from a certain substance through magical means (e.g. through the Xeuá spell "Create Golem"), which exist in many forms and shapes. Mostly they appear as sculptures of statues, endowed with animation and purpose. They do not exist in the wild by themselves; every Golem has to be created first, by either a mage or a priest. The Golems have little intelligence, and are thus capable only of very limited tasks, often connected with the material used to create the Golem. On the other hand, this is matched by the unique abilities most Golems possess, ranging from superior strength (Golems created by and of the Element of Earth) to the ability to reflect magical attacks (Golems made directly of magic/things with magical properties). Nevertheless, Golems are sentient beings, a certain minimalistic form of intellect is granted to them by the magic used in their creation, but usually only enough to do the tasks their creator had in mind for them. Depending on the spell used to create the Golem, the creature may last hours or days and if further enchanted with additional spells even years or centuries. Return to the top

The creature of legend known as the Mystran instills fear within any who know of even an inkling of the creature's power. The Mystran is like a living shadow, a spirit-like consciousness of unknown form. It is malevolent and dreadful, and also highly intelligent. The Mystran exists to sow chaos and despair among the living and, it is said, it often uses other mortal races in its nefarious plots of destruction. The Mystran is considered by some to be one of the most dangerous and evil creatures in all of Caelereth as it is said that it not only cannot die by any known means, but it also has the power to bend mortal minds to its will and thus can create entire legions of minions at its beck and call. Return to the top

Have you ever tasted the air after a hard rain, and stood perhaps in awe of a clarity of presence, filled with light and reverence for life everywhere? Have you ever experienced the way a forest of dripping leaves fills itself with a sibilant percussion that empties your head of words? If so, then you may have already encountered a Rainspirit and received its blessing. Rainspirits, or the "Yaamûr" as they are known in Nybelmar (pronounced: yaaah-moor), are benevolent presences which are said to possess the power to “empty the head of words” and bless people with the gift of silence.
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The Slimer

So-called "Slimers" are strange morphing entities coming in a multitude of colours. They clearly are generated through magical or alchemical means, or in most cases a combination of both, though whenever they come into existence it happens quite unintentionally. Slimers appear as viscid moving carpets with a minimal form of intelligence, focusing on expanding by absorbing substances - yet they can develop into something distinctly beast-like with facial or claw-like feeatures if they actually "digest" living things. Slimers may consist of a variety of substances and the more sticky these substances are, the more they are capable of climbing walls or even ceilings. While capable of splitting and living on as two different creatures for a while, it is known that an accidentally created Slimer only lasts for hours or days until it dissipates without being able to actually reproduce itself in any way. Extremely sticky and disgusting variations of these creatures, like grey and nor'sidian ones, are also referred to as "Oozers".
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Feared beings of the Web. Without physical form, spyders appear as nothing but wisps of mist or ghostly shadows to those without the magic sight that Weavers possess after the Ceremony. The Weavers can see them because they, like the Web, are composed totally of magic. To the Weavers, while using their sight, they appear as hideous, monstrous creatures with up to twelve appendages, but whether they are arms, legs, wings, tails, whatever, is unknown. As far as is known Spyders have no eyes, for they are believed to sense their surroundings with magic means only. They do not have ears or mouths, most likely for the same reason, and communicate by using their magic. This manifests itself with those who inhabit Caelereth as telepathy.
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Although the existence of the Void Sails was signaled in Nybelmar since long before the fall of the First Korweyn Empire, they were always wrapped in doubt and mystery. And who can blame any scholar for doubting, when the appearance of such a beast (if it can be considered a beast indeed) defies any sense of reason? As the reports about such Void Sails diminish, so the general trust in their existence does. Also called "Inami" a Void Sail is basically a vertical gelatinous curved tube wrapped in a translucent veil, hovering over the ground without having any apparent means that would allow it to do that. Always elegant and majestic, sometimes whispering strange melodies, they are believed to be sentient - magical sentient beings, possessing a wisdom beyond any imagination. "Question: What is Inami?..." - goes a well known Anpagan joke - "Answer: A Void Sail. Question: And what is a Void Sail? Answer: Inami." Return to the top

Windrunners are spirits that ride the morning winds. But whether they are a benevolent presence or “awful, awful things” is very much in the eye of the beholder. It is said of some women, often with a disapproving look and a rolling of the eyes, that “women on their own run in their family”. Perhaps it is exactly this quality which attracts Windrunners - a call of kindred spirits, a resonance.

Having lived a lifetime in a brick house, neatly pressed between a husband and two neighbours, these ungainly, inconsiderate women wake up one morning to find a Windrunner dancing around them, for them - with them. And over the course of the day, after the stupor of a decade dutifully spent, a fierce independence comes into their eyes again. By Sundrown, there is rest no more in their hearts, which for so long lay undisturbed and moth-ed over. Then, we say of such women: They have “gone with the wind”. - Husbands and oppressive mothers-in-law: Beware the Windrunner! Return to the top


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