In the Others branch of the Domestic Animals Category fall all those animals which are not of the common kind like cattle, cats, horses, sheep and the like or those where there are only a few species, so that they can be summarized in an own overview.

Overview. The following other domestic animals have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

A truly marvelous creature native to
R'unor and the more outlying islands under Santerran dominion, the Gaspan resemble enlarged jellyfish who have tried and failed to take to the skies. Instead they spend their lives floating above the ground, drinking merrily and eating bugs to their hearts content. Return to the top

The Jupa is one of the more favoured denizens of the rainforests of Shar in Nybelmar. Popular due to their natural cheeky character and unnatural cuteness, Jupas are attracted to the homes of the Krean in many different ways; the most common by planting itís favourite food, the keelo tree, in their gardens. Seen as more of as a natural amusement than a stealing pest, Krean have enjoyed the company of these animals for generations and probably will for many more. Return to the top

The Iceland Shortsnout

The quaking and shaking of ice heralds the arrival of the Iceland Shortsnout, or "Icesnout" for short. Black horns gleam in the sunlight as a pack of the creatures come upon anyone unlucky enough to enter their domain. And it is with a mighty bellow that the male asserts his rule over the Icelands and the Peninsula of Iol. Return to the top

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