Bears are large, typical solitary living mammals with stocky legs, a long snout, shaggy hair, plantigrade paws with five nonretractile claws, and a short tail. While there are exclusively carnivorous bears and some herbivores, most bears are omnivorous. They have an excellent sense of smell, and despite their heavy build and awkward gait, they can run quickly and are adept climbers and swimmers and hibernate in caves during winter. Some bears might be trained by humans, but they can also be quite deadly out in the wild.

Overview. The following bears have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Argrothin Black Bear is a common bear in northern Sarvonian regions like the Celeste Lowlands, the Prominent Mountains and the Mountains of Oro, but also in the Hovel Frond Forest or the Shaded Forest. The warm and beautiful fur is an important trading tool for the locals, to keep themselves with coins, tools or other objects of value. The fur, and in some cases, the claws are sold to eastern traders. And as the Argrothin Bear is in most cases a vegetarian, the meat is usable for eating. Having Argrothin Bears roam in close proximity isn't really a good sign, as they sometimes take cattle, or, in bad times, humans.
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Beneath the sporadic cover of the Shaded Forest and throughout the foothills at the base of the Prominent Mountains a bear, said to be the spawn of demons, roams. Of those that have found themselves face to face with these beasts, staring into their haunting, blood-red eyes, only a few have lived to tell the tale. Those that have known the survivors best have said that they were never the same after their encounter with the Blood Bear. Many believe there is some mythical and/or demonic aspect of the bear, but realists and researchers argue that anyone finding themselves almost greeting death by way of a three ped tall, blood-red beast, would find themselves scarred as well.

While the terrible stories and retellings of encounters are enough to send a shiver down anyone's spine, there is only an ounce of truth to them. True, these bears are massive compared to people when standing up on their hind legs and their fur colour is not one commonly seen among their cousins, but commanding the shadows and having a deadly saliva that scorches the earth is a load of nonsense. However, just because they can't call shadows to their aid, burn the skin off your flesh, or turn you to stone with their gaze does not mean they arenít dangerous.
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Stemming originally from the region around Cartash, this type of bear is not only much bigger than his brown bear relative but also much more dangerous. The full grown Cartashian Bear can reach a height of three and a half peds thus rendering his opponents to mere dwarves: Big, dangerous, bad tempered, and vaguely smelly. There exist many different species of bears in the world of Caelereth, but the most notorious and feared of all is the so-called Cartashian Bear, the most deadly bear known to man.
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The Moss Bear, also known as Silky Bear, is the smallest representant of the bear family on the Sarvonian continent. It inhabits the Shaded Forest and the forested parts of the Nybelmar continent, preferring the darkest and most secluded parts. The Moss Bear has a long coat with silky hair that has several different uses. It can give a soft kind of wool that can be spun into the finest of yarn that is used to knit warm clothes. The pelt can also be used complete as a rug or bedcover. Return to the top

The Rimmerin Bear, or "Ma'akwa'aheshtake" in the Eyelian tongue, is a bear found far and wide throughout south-central Santharia. It is found in the greatest concentration in the Rimmerins Ring, hence the name. However, it is also found in moderate numbers all the way east to Kor Donion, south to Chylikis, and in lesser numbers westward to Hog. One will note that the bear is found predominantly in the former Kingdom of Eyelia - as such, it is a very important animal to these people. It is told that the "Ma'akwa'aheshtake ("Twin Bear") taught the first Sarvonian Eyelians which herbs and plants were safe, and showed them the best shelter. Today, the Eyelians' gratitude is obvious, as one of the three modern clans (the Quia clan) is symbolized by the bear. Return to the top

The White Bear

The White Bear is a large carnivorous beast, which can mainly be found in the vast Cyhalloian Tundra and in the Icelands of Northern Sarvonia. It is known for its good swimming skills and especially their unusual "Death Ritual", where they search for crimson rose fields when they know that they are going to die. Smelling the sedative effect of the flower they enter a deep sleep from which they never wake up again. Return to the top


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