Arachnids are usually smaller joint-legged invertebrae animals with eight legs, which consitute a nuisance in people's cellars or attics weaving sticky webs, but this is only half the story. Some of these spiders, scorpions and their like are quite poisonous and there are larger varieties as well, well hidden in deep caves, usually - but don't take that for granted...

Overview. The following arachnids have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Cave Spider

Cave Spiders can be found in almost most any dark, damp space in Caelereth. They tend to be an earthy colour, and are not very big. The biggest spider seen so far was 2 and a half palmspans. They are not very strong, but will defend themselves with a ferocity that will frighten away many predators. Return to the top

The Crystal Spider

The Crystal Spider
is a rare Spider found only in the Forest of Souls located on the east side of the big isle in the R'unorian Chain and in certain remote areas of the Ráhaz-Dáth Desert. Though one of the smallest spiders found in the whole of Caelereth, the Crystal Spider is nonetheless the most dangerous species. This is due to their fast-acting venom that paralyzes their prey almost instantaneously. Return to the top

Drape-Silk Spiders are pretty large arachnids, nearly half a palmspan or more in size. Their fuzzy bodies are a mottled mix of ithild and barad dusk. They live deep in the heavy woods across southern Sarvonia. Drap-Silk Spiders are known for producing a web that is useful as a bandage, and their venom is serves as well for numbing pain. Return to the top


A common and widely detested inhabitant of bedrooms and inns throughout Santharia, Dreamlice are more than just a ubiquitous and adaptable pest. Very rarely, if an infestation goes unchecked, something changes in the nature of these parasites – instead of sipping blood while their victims sleep, and then hiding away, they latch on and stay put, and the victim begins to change. Poorly understood and reviled by all races, Dreamlice are, regrettably, accepted as a fact of life in certain areas. Return to the top


The Driftspider is one of the more interesting insects of Nybelmar. Found only in the Drifting Woods area, these small creatures are perfectly comfortable with spending their entire lifetime on the water surfaces there, by constructing ingenious webs that serve as their private island homes. Return to the top

Scorpions are secretive, nocturnal arachnids which can be spotted in lands of arid climate, especially at deserts like the Santharian Ráhaz-Dáth or at the continent of Aeruillin. Scorpions are very poisonous creatures, equipped with a deadly stinger at the end of its tail. The potent stinger is only used when hunting or whenever the Scorpion feels cornered. At daylight or when encountering a larger foe, they retreat into burrows or beneath rocks. Return to the top

The Shenora Spider (also called Shen'rásh in Styrásh, meaning "new spider," though the origin of this name is unknown) is a petite little spider living throughout most of Sarvonia. While male and female Shenora Spider doubtless exist, the creature is most often referred to and thought of as female, due in part to its muliebrity and in part to the myth associated with it. For this reason, this entry will refer to the spider as a female.
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The Spiderturtle, a small eightlegged crustacean, about a palmspan across, and is known by various names. Many refer to it also as "Spiddleshell" or "Spiddle". To the Kuglimz it is known as "Ho'vla'pyr" (lit. "armour water animal"). The elves refer to it as "Már'thuoc" (lit. "water shell") and the merfolk callsit "Kinikraah", which translates to something like "alcohol crab". The mer have been known to suffer intoxication after digesting this turtle, giving it its unique mermish name. This crustacean weighs only about a hafeb and lives in warm waters like the Sea of Tears or the Aelyvian Sea. Return to the top

The Gahosén'ythréf, nicknamed "Tortua Scorpion" by researchers, is found only in the Ráhaz-Dáth desert in the far south of Sarvonia. Its characteristic flat shell-covered body and duel stinging tails makes it ummistakable from its more common world cousins, although much of the basics remain similar. The name derives from the Styrásh word "Gahosén", meaning hard, and the word Ythréf, meaning poison. This is owed to its incredibly hard central shell, and of course its typical poison sting.
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The Woolly Cob, often simply referred to as Cob only, is a fairly large spider with thick, snow-white fur that lives in the Icelands and various parts of Northern Sarvonia. Its double, sometimes triple and quadruple, fanged bite is exceedingly painful though not fatal, and is largely avoided by intelligent life. Cobs can live up to 50 years, when kept as a domestic pet, and are a popular beast to own among soothsayers, Rovers, and traveling merchants.
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