Izaacs (pronounced Izik) are small but very dangerous mammals. They have a fuzzy and very thick fur coat that range from brown to black colored. A full-grown Izaac weighs up to 8 ˝ Hebs. Their mouths are about a fore in circumference, which makes them able to lock their jaw on most any sized limb. Izaacs live off of only one thing, blood, which they can create all the nutrients needed out of. The most dangerous thing about Izaacs is that once it has bitten its prey, their jaw locks to stop any escape until all the blood needed is sucked. They are only seen at night which they spend finding an easy prey to feed off from. These creatures are incredibly slow due to their short and stumpy legs.

Appearance. The Izaac is a medium-sized mammal that can grow up to ˝ ped in length and a pore and a half tall. The average weight of full-grown Izaac is 7 ˝ Hebs. Their legs are small but have sharp retractable claws for digging and climbing. Their legs are so small that unless you look closely it looks like they don’t have any legs at all. Their legs being that short also causes the Izaac (when moving) to sound like a small rug being pulled across the ground. They have a very thick coat of fuzzy fur, which is commonly light brown but have also been seen as dark brown and black. Their mouths are almost as large as their face, measuring up to a fore in circumference. They have hollow, razor sharp teeth that they use to tear a wound and suck the blood out from it. The Izaacs have no real head, their face seems to be built right into the body except for their jaw which sticks out. The eyes are round and placed in the center of the face right above the mouth. They are also known for their amazing night vision and overall sight. Their ears are round, cupped holes, sticking out of the sides of the so-called "head". Their noses are two holes about 2 nailsbreadth large, placed underneath the eyes and above the mouth. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The most amazing ability of the Izaac is the way it only needs to have blood to survive. Izaacs are able to turn the blood into the nutrients required for it to survive. It is said that the Izaac can see anything within a radius of ˝ a stral in the dead of night. Their ears are cupped in a way that they can pick up almost any sound in the area. Izaacs, because of their sharp retractable claws, are able to dig and climb with ease. They are also said to be a unisex species, but no one knows for sure.
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Territory. The Izaac is found deep in the forests and coastal regions of the Isles of Quios but most commonly, the Isle of Volveran.
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Habitat/Behaviour. It is unknown where Izaacs stay during the daytime but it is said that they live in hidden dens and sometimes the occasional cave, somewhere where they can come out unnoticed and surprise their prey.

Izaacs are not violent but do feast on any creature they can get their mouth on. They go after anything that wouldn’t cause a chase, usually attacking sleeping or unwary creatures. Before they bite down they let off a soft crackling sound with its jaw preparing to lock it. One of the most used tactics is dropping down from above its prey and using its claws to stun it while they start sucking the blood.
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Diet. The only thing eaten by the Izaac is blood and the thicker the blood, the more favorable it is. Their most disfavorable blood is that of a fish.
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Mating. It is unknown how the Izaac mate since they have never been seen except for when they go out of their "dens" to feed. The reason for no one ever seeing Izaac mate may be because of the possibility of them being only one gender.
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