Appearance. Lightning Demons or "Gamosh-Ra" (singluar and plural forms are identical) are great, hulking mounds of muscle and flesh that are nearly three peds high. Their skin is charred completely black, scored with gashes which are always bleeding. The blood of the Gamosh-Ra is red, but thick, and has the touch of acid. Their mouths are full of yellow fangs, which they use to feed. Their fists are like great war hammers and their roar like thunder. With eyes a bright white/yellow light lightning they indeed are a very fearful sight. Return to the top

The Gamosh-Ra Demon

View picture in full size Image description. A creature as it might have emerged from a nightmare: the horrible Gamosh-Ra Demon as encountered in the mysterious Forest of Ronoth. Picture by Seeker.

Special Abilities. Gamosh-Ra command the lightning storms which they inhabit. They can guide them in any direction they wish, though the most time in storms can stay, at least that has been observed, is twelve hours. They can call down bolts of lightning, or great booming claps of thunder which have been known to make one's ears bleed and go totally deaf. Return to the top

Territory. Gamosh-Ra inhabit storms of great magnitude, which they command. They can stay only within the storm's boundaries and stay only as long as it does. The territory of a Lightning Demon is always easily recognizable, as you'll see the lightning and hear the thunder. Though not all lightning storms contain them, only the greatest ones. They stay inside the storm cloud until they sense enough body heat to draw them down to feed.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Gamosh-Ra have no real "behaviors" in the typical sense and only look for their food, trying always to keep themselves warm. Though they also like to toy with any who oppose them, letting them believe they are winning until they get fried by a bolt of lightning. Gamosh-Ra are attracted by heat, of any kind, as long as it's large enough. They always extinguish any nearby fires, seemingly eating them, sucking in the heat.
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Diet. These fearful demons feed only on one thing: Heat. Cursed to be eternally cold they burn their bodies, charring the flesh, and stay within the heat of lightning. They then journey forth into villages and suck the heat from any they can find. The victims either go completely mad or die of hypothermia shortly after the fatefull encounter.
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Mating. Though Lightning Demons all seem to be giant males they have no reproductive organs. Most believe that any lightning storm large enough will spawn a Gamosh-Ra, or at least attract it from whatever dark, burning hole that it is banished to in the Netherworlds. This is still debated, though very few care, and most simply go along with the belief that they come from the lightning storms.

The origin of Gamosh-Ra are said to be tortured souls of those who died slowly by freezing to death. Trapped on mountain peaks or in iceplanes without food or heat their souls were sucked from their body as was their heat and thrown deep into the Netherworlds. They looked for fire, their bodies becoming charred. Then they began seaking heat outside the Netherworlds. Rising up to take residence within the heat of great lightning storms. So the Lightning Demon was born.
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