The Eagle is one of the largest predatory birds in all of Caelereth, and is greatly admired and revered for its fierce manner and majestic appearance. The Eagle has commonly become a symbol of strength and might, but also of freedom and justice. These great birds have large, broad wings and sharp talons that they use to seize their prey of rodents, lizards, fish, and other such animals. They build nests, or eyries, in tall trees or on cliffs where they will fiercely protect their young.

Appearance.  Most Eagles are about 70 to 90 nailsbreadths long from the tip of their bill to the end of their tail and weigh 8 to 13 ods, though some may be much bigger are far smaller. Most Eagles have a wingspan of 2 fores, but some can have wingspans far larger. Females are usually a little larger than the males, but all Eagles are exceptionally strong, sometimes able to catch and carry prey that weighs nearly as much as they do.

The Eagle's feathered head is large and contains two large eyes on either side of it. Despite the location of these eyes, however, the Eagle can see straight ahead. Eagles have some of the keenest sight of any animal, believed to be even keener than an elfís. Despite this, though, most Eagles fly close to the ground when hunting to better spot and catch prey. They sometimes catch their prey using their large, strong beaks which have a hook at the tip to tear prey. The beak is usually between 5 to 7 nailsbreadths in length, but can be even larger than that.

Eagles have strong, broad wings that make them look clumsy when they are on the ground. However, these enormous wings are what allow them to so elegantly fly and they help to support the Eagleís heafty, muscular body. Eagles can glide for incredible distances by merely holding their wings out firmly. The long wing feathers are stiff and strong and are shaped in a way that lets air flow efficiently over the wingís surface. When an Eagle flies, the wings almost appear like hands with finger-like feathers protruding from an elongated palm. The feathers tend to turn upward slightly as the Eagle flies. Despite their strength, the wings are not used to fight, though some Eagles have been seen using their wings to beat prey.

Most Eagles are colored in deep browns and blacks, but many will have white areas on their body, such as their heads, their tails, their bellies, their legs, or sometimes even the tips of their wing-feathers. Baby Eagles, called Eaglets, tend to have a different feather coloration than their parents. They are typically grayish-white and are very soft. As the Eaglets mature, they will gain the feather coloration of their parent.

Eagles have very strong feet and legs. The feet are typically a bright or golden yellow and scaled, while the legs are feathered in white, brown, or black. The dangerously sharp talons are used to seize and carry pray. These talon are long and curved, and come to a jet-black point.
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Special Abilities. Eagles are incredibly strong creatures, capable of carrying prey that is nearly as heavy as themselves. An Eagle is very strong and quite powerful, and is very respected for its abilities. But its strength is not the only way in which this noble animal stands out among the animal kingdom. It has very keen sight, though it typically hunts low to the ground. Eagles are also fairly smart, sure to avoid danger whenever possible and usually staying out of the way of humans, elves, or other sentient beings. Return to the top

Territory. Eagles are found everywhere in Sarvonia and in parts of Nybelmar and other such continents. They have even been found in small numbers in Cyhalloi. It is believed that huge Eagles may live in several secluded mountaintops, but none are sure as of yet.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Eagles usually live in nests, or eyries, whether or not they are currently taking care of infants or not. Eagles first build nests when they find their mate, and will commonly build the nests from sticks and branches. The Eagles are constantly adding to and refurbishing the nest, especially when Eaglets are on their way, and will also sometimes decorate their nests with fresh leaves. Because the nests are constantly being added to, they get bigger over time. A new eyrie may only be about 9 palmspans across and 4. palmspans deep. However, old eyries may be 1 ped across and 2 peds deep. These sizes can vary tremendously, though, depending upon the species.

Some Eagles prefer to build their eyries in the tops of tall trees, often oaks or some other strong tree, usually near water. Other Eagles may nest on high cliffs in the mountains. Some Eagles of Nybelmar will even build their nests on the ground. Though most Eagles only have one eyrie that they use every year for their young, some species build two: one which is used one year and the other which is used the next.

Eagles, especially at close range, look fierce and proud, and are often depicted as such, seen as strong, courageous hunters. They commonly hunt in their mating pairs, though it is more common to see an Eagle hunting alone, especially when there are eggs in the nests. Eagles mate for life, but if one mate dies, the other will usually seek out a mate and breed the next year.

Eagles are very smart. They are careful to avoid fanger and are typically cautious of humans, elves, and other sentient beings, and sure make their nests away from villages and towns. However, Eagles are also fierce protectors of their nests and young, and if a person comes too close to their eyries, the Eagle may dive at them, maybe even strike with their talons. An exception to this includes the Yourth Clan of the Eyelian tribe, who are known to be able to tame these magnificent birds.
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Diet. Eagles hunt during the day because they spend the nights at their nests, otherwise known as eyries, or on a safe perch. They probably see better during the day and their prey isnít commonly nocturnal. Eagles will sometimes hunt together, but arenít usually found in groups larger than two.

Eagles eat a variety of foods depending on where they live, but rodents are a common food for all Eagles. Rabbits, hares, ground-dwelling kuatu, and even mice and rats are fed upon by these predatory birds. They sometimes eat larger animals, such as young deer or lambs, but such occurrences are very rare because of the weight of such prey. Rodents and the aforementioned larger animals are usually caught by being startling. An Eagle will fly low over a hillside and, when it sees its prey, will swoop down to quickly seize it with its sharp, strong talons

Some Eagles living near oceans, rivers, and lakes will often eat fish, like whitetail, sunset fish, and especially salmon. Sometimes they catch fish by snatching them from the water, but sometimes fish donít come close enough to the surface for such a maneuver, in which case the Eagle may plunge into the water for an instant to catch its fishy prey. However, Eagles cannot swim, and would drown if their wings got too wet to allow them to take off from the water. They can sometimes avoid having to dive for fish by stealing them from other birds, especially water birds, which also help them to locate where schoals of fish may be located.

Eagles will also commonly eat snakes and lizards, and sometimes even other birds, like small finches, as well as dead animals they find. Some species will even eat monkeys and other such animals.
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Mating. Eagles mate at different seasons in different places, but early to late spring is average. When an Eagle finds a mate, the mate is kept for life. A young Eagle will typically find his mate when he is about two years old. The mating process is quick and involves the Eagles pressing their abdomens together. After a few weeks, the mother Eagle with lay 2 eggs, though rarely she will lay 3. Eagle eggs are about 8 nailsbreadths long, 5 nailsbreadths across, and may be any combination of colors depending on the species. The eggs may be white, yellow, or even speckles in colors like red, brown, or gray.

Before they are bale to hatch, the eggs must be warmed for about 35 to 45 days, depending on the species. The female Eagle sits on the eggs during most of the incubation. The male will sit on them occasionally, but typically spends his time hunting and bringing food for his brooding mate.

When the Eaglets hatch, their eyes are already open and they are covered with a grayish-white down. Their feathers being to grow in when they are four weeks old. Their parents both protect them and help in feeding, as they are unable to tear up their own food until they are about six to eight weeks old. Eaglets are able to leave the nests when they are 11 or 12 weeks old, but since, at this time, they are not very skilled at flying, they will stay near the nest for several weeks longer. The parents will feed them for sometimes months until they learn to hunt of their own. Within two years they will typically have a mate. Most Eagles live between 20 and 50 years.

Eagles often hatch in 2 eggs, but it is unusual for both to survive. Usually one will hatch a few days before his or her sibling, and because the older chick is larger and stronger, it will dominate the nest, usually stealing away most of the food and sometimes even attacking the younger hatchling. The younger will commonly die within a few weeks. Sometimes members of the Yourth Clan will save the baby Eaglet and raise it until it is able to live on its own.
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Usages. The Eagles are not often kept as pets, as they tend to be wild and hard to tame. Oftentimes people will steal eggs or baby chicks from a nest, especially since one usually dies from each nest. Yourth Clan members will sometimes do this for the good of the chick, and will release it when it is able to live on its own. However, sometimes people will try to keep the Eagle. This can often be very dangerous. The Eagles have sharp and deadly talons that can rip flesh. Very few have ever been able to tame an Eagle to the point it is nearly harmless.

Eagles were used during the War of the Chosen to create other creatures, probably because of the great strength and intelligence these creatures possess. The gryph and the griffon were both created using parts of the Eagle. Both creatures have the head, wings, and front feet of a majestic Eagle while having the back parts of an oracau.

The symbol of the Eagle is often used to represent freedom, justice, and strength. The city of Marcogg for example uses an Eagle on its insignia, featuring a great Toran Eagle flying over a ship. Many cities have taken up the symbol of an Eagle to represent them. Voldar also uses an Eagle, or rather, the silhouette of an eagle, on its coat of arms.
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Myth/Lore. Eagles are known for their superb hunting abilities, and are sometimes associated with Arvins, but more people commonly think of the Eagle as being connected with Etherus. Etherus especially is often associated with Aecilian, a proud and majestic eagle that is believed to fly to heights that most birds cannot reach. Its long wingspan and rich, red color make it stand out against the sky. However, it is also tragic that these birds for seemingly no reason, crash into mountain rocks and end their lives.
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