It is written in ancient passages and spoken of in legends, that there are Dragons of unimaginable power and knowledge, believed to have moulded and shaped the culture of their kin. Their deeds of good or evil are renowned throughout the races, yet the truth of their existence has been lost to the passing of time but not forgotten. Almost every mention of them, be it by word of mouth or written on ancient scrolls, portrays magic, wisdom, knowledge, and superiority over their kind, though this may not necessarily be true for all.

Legendary Dragons come in all shapes and variations, just like regular dragons and drakes do:

Following is a list of all the Legendary Drakes known in the lands of Caelereth, sorted alphabetically:


The Adamant Dragon

The Adamant Dragons are extremely rare but powerful mythical dragons, who are said to have a gem (an adamant) anchored in their foreheads, endowing them with nearly god-like powers. One of the most renknown Adamant Dragons is undoubtedly Ol'dem'brey, who is said to have been defeated by the young girl Katya Ileri Dain following the Vardýnnian Atonement. Kayta later on became Erpheronian queen Katya the Just for her imcomparable courage to confront the supposedly invincible dragon.
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The Aurora Dragon is black with lights that ripple through its skin, indicating at the powerful magic that it commands. The lights can indicate the Dragon’s moods, but Aurora Dragons may also use them to deceive. This Dragon lives mainly in the clouds, and has the ability to hover or to move without using physical means of propulsion. Its magic is slightly less powerful than the Adamant Dragon's.
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The Drakona is a dragon, albeit a tiny one, which has been bestowed upon the Aeoliran High Goddess of Destruction Pariya by the High God Creation Arkon as a symbolic animal of the fire realm. Barely a fore high, this dragon has the ability of its larger counterparts to belch fire with startling abruptness and effectiveness. This has been thoroughly documented in the varied tales of Pariya and her exploits. However, an aspect of the Drakona as nearly unverifiable as it is mysterious is its tendency to bring “gifts” to those most in need of his services. It is a common belief and hope amongst women that if a fire is created and appealed to with enough desperation resulting from the wrong doings of men that the Drakona shall appear amidst the flames and bestow upon the seeker a stone not unlike the gem which is often depicted upon the forehead of Pariya Herself. This gem is then hidden in the household and never mentioned to anyone. The gems are said to have changed the lives of all that have received them. The men of the house are either unknowingly rehabilitated to the “proper” ways of a loving home (through pain, anguish, and finally… fear) or driven out of the home and out of their minds.
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The Giant Dragon

Giant Dragons can be any type of Dragon, but come in enormous sizes. Giant Dragons range from two to ten times the size of the average dragon of their type. Their magic abilities usually don't change based on their size. Giant Dragons often play central roles in heroic stories, where single persons are said to have defeated such powerful beasts, which usually can resist whole armies.
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Comes out when the moon is out and usually hunts during the new moon. They go all the rest of the time without eating. Lunar Dragons are great scholars and possess powerful magic.
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Another one of the three most powerful Dragons after the Adamant. Like the Emerald Sea Dragon, the Opal Dragon has a strange property to its skin, but instead of being green and refractive, it has a milky white skin that has traces of red, green, and blue drifting in it. It lives on land and rests underground in a burrow or cave. It has also powerful magic compareable to the Adamant Dragons.
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Ancient texts and tablets, dusty scrolls from long ago, tell of a dragon incomparable to any known today. The echo of their song has fallen out of the memory of those souls today that wander without so great a love and respect of music, of mystical vibrations that course through the earth, through the vast empyrean. Those sounds are but whispers telling secrets to those who have a spirit that resonates from their area, resonates from the song of the Resonance Dragon. Return to the top

The Shapechanger Dragon

Shapechanger Dragons are perhaps the most rare of all existing dragons, probably there only exists a handful on the whole plane of Caelereth. These dragons possess the powerful ability to change into the shape of any living form they desire. They are not fire-breathing. Instead they are powerful spell casters said to almost be as strong as the most powerful of the dragons, the Adamant Dragons. If they do journey out into the world it is normally to attain treasure and wisdom or to observe the other races. These dragons prefer to stay away from other dragons, to include their own kind, while in dragon form. They are estimated to have a lifespan of 10 to 11 thousand years, although some of them live much longer and others considerably shorter. Most of these dragons have probably existed since the beginning of time and are considered "immortals". Because of the fact that mating between Shapechangers is very rare (at least this is what is told in the ancient tomes of the Northlanders) the species shrinks more and more. It is supposed that there are only a few dozen left in the whole world. In fact, their very existence is doubted by many people even though there exist reports which seem to prove their existence.
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The Sprit Dragon

The Spirit Dragon in its spiritual form appears as a small orb of light and energy just before it manifests into this form and just before it returns to the soul of the person it inhabits. Spirit Dragons do not have any real territory. They live in the spirit of a person, where they obtain the necessary energy to live. When a person dies they move to a new spirit. In their manifested form Spirit Dragons appear as large dragons with brilliant blue scales.
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The Sunset Dragon or Lastflame Dragon is closely related to the now extinct Injèrá Dragon. Like the Injèrá  Dragon, it draws strength from the sun, shares the Injèrá  Dragon’s vibrant gold and red colourings, and is one of the very few dragons that give birth to live young. Unlike the Injèrá  Dragon, it does not depend solely on the sun for its strength, but does require the light of the sun for the ability to blow fire and use its wind magic. It also lacks the distinctive unicorn-like horn that the Injèrá Dragon bore, and has streaks of purple throughout its colouring. The Sunset Dragon's name is derived from its colouring, and that it prefers to play its unique pipe music in the evening hours near sunset. Return to the top


Cyhalloian legends speak of a giant, serpent-like beast of the dark pits in barren and reclusive lands, around 30 peds long and with dragon-like forelegs, pairs of lesser hind legs and a terrible head with a leering, fang-filled mouth and cold, hypnotic eyes - the Lindorm. The Lindorm uses a powerful hypnotic ability to lure its victims; both to ease the hunt for the beast and also making the enslaved thrall carry out the wicked-hearted creature's biddings. Unseen by most as its skin adapts to the environment like the shapeshifter, it always attacks with surprise; striking fear in its foes. It is said to be unnaturally intelligent and even sentient-like and uses its power for dark purposes, but this is yet to be confirmed.
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The Shipwrecker Wyrm

A giant wyrm that is often sighted in storms. It has armor plating and a spiked tail that it uses to crush and sink ships. Feared by most sailors that are not fools. It not only attacks ships for food, but seems to take a strange pleasure in the action. Perhaps because they feel that we are invading their territory.
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The Emerald Sea Dragon, after the Adamant Dragon, is one of the three most powerful dragons. It has the appearance of a normal Dragon, with the exception of being sleeker and having webbed feet. It has a blue-green colour that is brilliant especially in the sunlight and has a strange refractive property. This factor has led to its name. The Emerald Sea Dragon lives underwater and sleeps on the bottom of whatever waterway it currently inhabits. This Dragon wields magic as potent as the Adamant Dragons, possibly even slightly more powerful.
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The Butterfly Dragon is about the size of a cat; it has bright, vibrant colors, and is very delicate-looking. But that does not mean that it is harmless. A Butterfly Dragon holds powerful life magic which it can use for healing purposes. But if it feels threatened, it can kill living creatures in a heartbeat. However, its disposition is naturally trusting unless it was put through some sort of trauma.
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