General Description. Members of the cat family are excellent hunters due to their innate skills. They are primarily carnivores, and are able to catch their pray swiftly and quietly on padded feet, though many times they may wait motionless until their prey comes close enough that they can spring on it.

The body of a cat tends to be rather sleek in most case. An adult has 30 teeth, which are used for grasping, cutting, and shredding food since they don’t have teeth for grinding. A cat also has a very rough tongue that helps it lick meat from bones and is used for grooming itself. The nose of a cat is small and wedge-shaped. Despite the size of the nose, a cat has a good sense of smell.

A cat's eyes are one of its most interesting features. The pupil of a cat’s eye can vary in size depending on the amount of light it’s in. When there is lighter, the pupils become narrow, but when there is more the pupils widen to attain more light. In dim light, a cat’s eyes appear to glow because the cat’s pupil has the ability of reflecting this dim light. A cat, however, can only see in shades of gray. Also, the eye has an extra eyelid at the corner of its eye that helps to protect and lubricate it.

A cat's ears are located on the top of its head and have the capability to move independently. These ears are cup-shaped. Whiskers located on the chin, the sides of the face, and above the eyes are highly sensitive touch organs.

Cats Overview. The following is a list of all the kinds of cats living in Caelereth:

The Arim Jungle Cat is one of the many wonders of the peninsula of Shar. A very adorable example of Nybelmarian fauna, the Arim is a much-loved creature amongst all the people of the tropical regions. Famed for their silky coats, cute expressions but most notably their friendly nature, many attempt in vain to catch these swift creatures to keep it as their own. Also peculiarly attracted to odd and unusual vegetation, these beasts are more than a delight for the Krean and their neighbours.


The Elfcat takes its name from its pointed ears that many humans have compared to an elf's due to their pointed quality. Though rather small in comparison to its cousins, such as the shingar, pard, and uncil, the cat is nonetheless very clever, which helps it to capture its prey which is mainly rabbits and birds in mid-Santharia, where it thrives, though it can also be found in both the southern and the northern areas of Santharia. Although the Elfcat often has different names depending on the region in which it is found (e.g. the "Desert Elfcat", the "Mountain Elfcat", etc.), all of these are essentially the same cat with small, almost unnoticeable differences in appearance and/or diet. In any region, this cat gets around rather inconspicuously, with its beautifully patterned coat to camouflage it.

The extremely rare Caracal is a large feline residing in the north-easternmost regions of Northern Sarvonia, predominately the Icelands Coast. Its most distinctive features are two large fangs, which reach a two palmspans in length. These beasts are one of the most feared predators of the region, even taking down the massive thunderfoot. The Ice Tribes, who are also sometimes this creature’s prey, believe that it is the offspring of Necteref, their God of Death, and thus, give it a wide berth.

The Chiluc is a small feline that lives on the Tundra of Cyhalloi. In Styrásh, the Chiluc is called "Mód’feníl", which means "Earth Cat" or "Cat of the Earth", due to it habit to dig into the earth in search of prey. It is a small cat, that is rarely seen, because it is shy and stays away from people. The Chiluc feeds mainly on small rodents, and is valued by the Kasumarii and the Cyhallrhim for its thick white fur.

Invisible in the jungle and everywhere the Krath cavalry moves, the Fujin Cat's pelt reflects the colour around its form so that only the barely visible outline of the beast can be seen. For the many enemies of the Krath Empire, their last moments were spent seeing startling yellow eyes float unattached in the air, followed by a brief flash of white teeth, a red maw, and a curious wondering where those set of teeth have come from. The Fujin, with its colour reflecting coat, were responsible for these wonderings. The Fujin is a large muscular cat capable of both stealth and speed which serves as a military mount under the Grand Empire of Krath. It is believed that this magnificent beast is largely responsible for the massive military success of the Krath Empire. The Fujin’s capabilities of great speeds, as well as its colour reflecting coat make the Fujin the ideal cat for military use.

The Herín’s name is
Styrásh for “cloud“. This name is very appropriate considering the cloud-like blotches on it’s back and sides. This small cat, about 1 ped in totaly length, is a very aerial cat and is commonly known as the "tree cat" or "cat of the trees". It has a rather long tail that takes up 45 to 50% of it’s total length and helps is balance in the treetops of its home in the Goltherlon Forest.

The Ju‘bat, with its slick and spotted coat, slender body, small head and long muscular legs, is one of the big cats in the south of the Sarvonian continent, its main territory being the seasonal grasslands of the central Rahaz-Dath, though it can be found occasional in the Narfost Plain as well, especially when the grass hasn‘t grown very high yet. Though being smaller as the oracau and the shingar of the Sharadon Forest, it is the fastest land animal on the Sarvonian continent with a top speed of 110 strals per hour. And other than the oracau it isn‘t dependent on a open water source and therefore not bound to a yearly migration pattern.

The Lingra Wild Cat

Lingradau (singular "Lingra") are thought to be the most beautiful and the most dangerous wild cats in the world of Caelereth. They are called by many names, even in tribes that know only of their existence through the tales of traveling bards or adventurers. The elves of Santharia know them as Cór’vír, or "black stripes". The Ylfferhim elves even call these cats Shimlinwerwyn, which roughly translates into “feline "f the mystic land". The mountain-dwelling dwarves of the Mithral Mountains call them MarzeShir or "cat of blood". - The Lingradau are known for being both mystical and deadly.

The Milari

he Milari (sometimes "Ghost Hunter") is a large feline animal 1.5 to 2.5 peds in length. The Milari has powerful jaws equipped with well developed, eight nailsbreadths long daggerlike canines. It also has shearing cheek teeth used for slicing through meat. The Milari have short powerful legs that end in large padded paws. These paws also have long, sharp, fully retractable claws used for grasping prey. Many fantastic tales have sprung up about the Milari but the most enduring, the name "Ghost Hunter". This is mainly due to the fact the animal is very elusive, hard to track and hard to kill.

The Oracau is the most feared predator on the Narfost Plain. A cat with exceptional stealth and cunning, this cat of the grasses is one very much respected in the plains. It varies greatly in size, but for the most part male Oracaus are about 2.6 peds in length and 2.3 peds at the shoulder while females comes in a little less, averaging about 1.6 peds in length and 2.25 fores at the shoulder. Its main diet consists of the aka'pi, as well as the jumping ellez'ga.

The Pard

The Pard (plural "Pardurin") is a spotted cat, ruling over many plains in southern and mid Santharia. With its long, elongated figure and strange, massive legs, it ranks as one of the largest cats on the continent, as well as one of the most feared. It’s ferocity, however, does not stop it from being hunted by those eager to make a profit by selling its beautiful coat.

Regarded by many as the "Ghost of the Mountains", the Uncil (singular: uncil, plural: uncial, possessive: uncian, pronounciation: "Oon-sill") is a close relative to the herín of the Goltherlon Forest, but also shares many similarities with the Pard. The Uncil, however, resides in the cold, mountainous regions of Northern Santharia. With a spotted pelage adorned with spots and circles, the Uncil is a truly mystifying and enchanting creature.

The Shingar is a truly a gem of the cat world with its beautiful spotted coat and strong, agile figure. There is something mystic and mysterious about these creatures, raising stories and suspicions about these cats ranging from appearing out of no where to turning into shadows and disappearing away. The Shingar lives in Southern Santharian forests including the Sharadon forest, the Auturian Woods, and the Zeiphyrian Forest.
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