The Violet Sky-Dancer is one of the largest butterflies native to region around the Krean metropolis Sihitara on the continent of Nybelmar. It can grow up to a fore in wingspan and can be called one of the most well-known butterflies in the Krean area. The Violet Dancers, a group of priestesses from the High Temple of Ankriss who serve as the guard of honour for the Warden of State, named themselves after the Violet Sky-Dancers.

Appearance. The Violet Sky-Dancer has one third of a ped in wingspan. Its wings are iridescent, the colours blue and violet appearing the most, giving it its typical violet colour. The ventral side of the butterfly is dark brown, almost black, as is the part of the wing surrounding the iridescent part of the wings. The Sky-Dancer has four wings, the forewings however are not hooked to the hindwings because it allows for more graceful flight. The Sky-Dancer has six legs, two antennae, two eyes, and a proboscis, or elongated appendage from the head. There are three sections to the body: the head, thorax, and abdomen. A fully grown Violet Sky-Dancer weighs about of a mut.

The larvae of the Sky-Dancer, known as a caterpillar, have multi-part bodies. They are tubular, with three segments. On the three middle segments there are three pairs of true legs, with four pairs of prolegs on the middle segments of the center of the end segment and one pair of prolegs on the last part of the end segment.

The body is the green shade of the leaves of the most common purple plant eaten by the Violet Sky-Dancer, the arryi, with spots of the purple of the leaves. Sky-Dancers are not fuzzy and grow through a series of moults, with the last moult taking them into the inactive pupar or chrysalis. They supposedly breathe through a series of openings on the sides of their middle and back.
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Special Abilities. Violet Sky-Dancers are known for their flight ability, and they can go very long distances. The wings are split into two parts to help the butterfly move more smoothly. Butterflies move their wings in a figure-eight pattern, pushing more air with their wings than necessary for flight. This makes them flit in the air, making it harder for predators to catch them. Return to the top

Territory. Violet Sky-Dancer are mainly found in the Nybelmarian metropolis Sihitara, the Krean capital. They are usually seen around or inside the High Temple of Ankriss where the priestesses provide the flowers these insects love the most, and the priestesses in turn enjoy the spirit lifting presence of these elegant insects, copying their dance for their rituals. There is even a special room dedicated to the butterflies in the temple, with an opening in the ceiling for the butterflies to come and go as they please.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Violet Sky-Dancers are revered by the people of Sihitara and are especially kept in the High Temple of Ankriss. They live in the wild of course as well, but in generally they stay around the city, where they are fed by the people who live there. The butterflies aren't afraid of humans, quite to the contrary - they enjoy congregating around human gardens feeding from them.
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Diet. Violet Sky-Dancers feed on nectar from flowers. They feed on the nectar from all flowers growing in the region around Sihitara, but primarily from purple flowers, which seem to be responsible for the typical colour the Sky-Dancers show. The butterflies especially enjoy the very prevalent arryi and some people even grow these flowers to let the Violet Sky-Dancers feed from them. The caterpillars eat the leaves of any plant, also including the arryi flower.
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Mating. The Violet Sky-Dancers perform a few mating rituals. The male brings nectar to the female as one mating ritual, after that male and female circle each other in a beautiful unique dance which is the main reason why they're bearing the name of "Sky-Dancers". This mating dance takes places several times a year and is truly a sight to behold and remember, especially when one has the fortune to observe multiple pairs perform the feat.
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Myth/Lore. Violet Dancers, a group of priestesses from the High Temple of Ankriss who serve as the guard of honour for the Warden of State, named themselves that after the Violet Sky-Dancers. The Violet Dancers dress as butterflies and perform dances four times a year, in the beginning of spring and fall as well as on Midsummer and Midwinter. The priestesses revere the beauty and majesty of the Violet Sky-Dancers and thus try to emulate those ideas in their rituals. 
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