The Argrothin Black Bear is a common bear in northern Sarvonian regions like the Celeste Lowlands, the Prominent Mountains and the Mountains of Oro, but also in the Hovel Frond Forest or the Shaded Forest. The warm and beautiful fur is an important trading tool for the locals, to keep themselves with coins, tools or other objects of value. The fur, and in some cases, the claws are sold to eastern traders. And as the Argrothin Bear is in most cases a vegetarian, the meat is usable for eating. Having Argrothin Bears roam in close proximity isn't really a good sign, as they sometimes take cattle, or, in bad times, humans.

Appearance. The Argrothin Bear is about between 2.5 and 3 peds in height. Its fur is shiny black, and its front legs are short and stocky. The main body is broad, with powerful muscles, which gives it an impression of being fat. The hind legs, are a bit longer than the frontal ones, and are much more muscular. The nose is long, and it has a strong yaw. The eyes are nut brown, and its ears are short, pointing strait up. These Bears are often the main reason the many why local hunters do not come back from their hunt. Whenever an Argrothin Bear is standing on its hind legs, the Bear represents an astonishing sight, though it is not very pretty, it gets something akin to a regal, and strong appearance. It simply takes your breath - either that, or the Bear take it for you. The claws of the Bear are about 0.3 peds long, mostly used to protect its home or children, or to cut food from bushes or trees. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The two special abilities the Argrothin is known to have is huge strength (mostly directed to intruders and minor annoyances), and a rather surprising high running speed, which is nearly as fast as a human, which one wouldn't expect from a large and stocky creature like this. Return to the top

Territory. The largest concentrations of the Argrothin Bears can be found in the Celeste Lowlands, the Prominent Mountains and the Mountains of Oro in Northern Sarvonia, also in the Hovel Frond Forest or the Shaded Forest Argrothins can be found. It prefers areas in the mountains where it can live undisturbed, like small hidden valleys and inside small tickets of trees, as they want to keep to themselves.
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The Argrothin Bear is eating most of the day and doesn't like disturbances. It is quite peaceful, as long it is not annoyed. It is for anyone's best to stay away from these bears, as they might take you as a treat to them, or even worse, their children. There is a greater danger involved when it concerns males during mating time, or females with cubs. To get into sight of a male during mating-season, and he sees you, it is just foolish to run. Then your best chance for survival is not to struggle, and play dead, and hope he doesn't feast on you. To put yourself between a happy mother and her cubs on the other hand, is not a good idea either: It is best to run then, and hope she won't catch you, as she will not follow for a long distance, and leave her cubs alone.

Differently from other bears, the Argrothin Bear don't go for hibernation in the winter. Instead, they live their lives as usual, though their diet may change during colder times (see below). Return to the top

Diet. The Argrothin Bear tends to be a vegetarian in summer, eating fruits and plants, and sometimes small game and fish. At winter, as it doesn't hibernate as other bears, but it hunts larger prey, and in bad times, an lucky human, even tough they dislike human flesh in general.
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Mating. The Argrothin Bears mate each second year, in the early spring. Most of the males will fight for their right during that time, but it is just a show of strength, for the best Bear is the one to let their race go on. In the winter, the females will give birth to 4-6 cubs, which will be half grown when the next mating season comes. Those who are half grown, will stay in their mother's company until late summer, when they will go to find their own area to live in (not a very long distance away from their mother).
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Myth/Lore. There are some local legends about the Argrothin Bear being created from the rocks by a great magician by the name of Argrothin, thus their name. That magician was an honored person according to the old tales, and the locals honor him by trying to give his Bears a painless death.
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