The Tear of Blood necklace is an artifact that is nearly unknown in the world of Caelereth. The few who know of its existence guard that secret with their lives. Only the members of the Blood Eye Cult have been aware of it, though our sources indicated that it was stolen from them nearly thirty years ago. The Tear of Blood is said to be able to track anyone that still lives in this world, but the necklace must first come into contact with their blood.

A Tear of Blood Necklace

View picture in full size Picture description. A tear shaped ruby is the main component of the Tear of Blood necklace, a powerful artifact used to track down people. Image drawn by Seeker.

Appearance. The Tear of Blood appears to be a simple necklace and consists of a golden chain and a tear shaped ruby. The chain is made of intricate golden links and fits loosely around the neck. The ruby is hung from the chain and measures two nailsbreadths in width. Golden lines swirl within the ruby and can only be seen in the light of the sun. Return to the top

Abilities. The Tear of Blood is rumoured to be able to track living creatures, men, elves, dwarves and beast alike, after having come into contact with their blood. It can sense the blood as it flows in their bodies and bestows this awareness upon its owner. The wearer of the necklace can sense where her quarry has been, as long as the Tear of Blood has been dipped in the creature's blood. The owner simply knows that her quarry has visited the place where she now stands, however, this awareness has nothing to do with any of the five senses.
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Myth/Lore. The ruby that adorns the necklace is believed to be a tear of Seyella, the Santharian Goddess of Destiny, as she was struck blind by the fire that consumed the Tree of Life. The tales tell that the artifact was first - reportedly - seen by a mortal nearly eight hundred years ago:

Malik was a simple farmer that lived with his wife in the lands south of Marcogg. Bandits raided their village for no other reason than the bandits were hungry. Malik had been working in the fields when he heard a commotion at his house. He ran back to the farmhouse only to find the lifeless body of his wife outside on the ground. Malik stood over the corpse of his wife as the bandits fled the scene of her murder. One was slower than the rest, and Malik attacked him with his sickle as the bandit fled. The sickle cut a long gash in the bandit's back, but he still managed to get away. The sun had begun to set in the west, and the blade of the sickle was covered in the blood of the criminals.

It is further said that the farmer
looked up as he began to curse the Gods, only to be staring into two large golden eyes. A necklace was hung around the neck of the owl he saw, and Malik put it on for it appeared to be the will of the Gods that to do so. The ruby came into contact with his sickle as he put it on, and at once he was able to sense that the bandits had been here. He followed their trail, using his newfound awareness to guide him. The bandits had horses and could travel much faster than the farmer could on foot, but Malik was determined to avenge the death of his wife. He spent weeks following them, using the Tear of Blood to guide him.

Malik found them finally, drunk in a tavern as they spent the little bit of gold that had belonged to the villagers. His sickle once again tasted their blood, and in mere moments all three were dead on the floor of the tavern. The story took a tragical end for Malike as well, as he was hung the next day for murder - and it is said that the Tear of Blood was still hanging around his neck when he died.
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History. The trail of the necklace was lost for a few centuries. Some believe that a thief raided Malik's grave (the first confirmed owner of the necklace) to steal the valuable artifact. The more zealous of the population believe that the Tear of Blood has a mind of its own and would not stay buried with a corpse, though.

Its next known location was a peg above a fireplace in a small farmhouse. The necklace had been a heirloom of the family for generations and was their greatest pride. Their lives were simple and they were content with their humble existence. Everything changed on the day the dark elves of the Blood Eye Cult raided the village. The rest feasted as Car'tuulen eyed the necklace that hung from the wall. He was an adept fire mage, and he could sense a faint magical aura emanating from the necklace. He placed it around his neck and fed with his brethren before they left the small village. He began to use the Tear of Blood to torment his victims, after having accidently discovered its powers. He would smear their blood onto the ruby and then tell them to run. He found it thrilling to hunt a sentient being. This practice continued until one of his victims was a human named Elise. She was extremely beautiful and her form sparked a great lust in the heart of Car'tuulen. He knew that he had to have her, and he raped her that very night. After sating his passion, he lay beside her without fearing that she would escape, for he knew that the necklace could always find its quarry.

He was unaware of Elise's determination, and as he slept she stole the necklace and fled from the camp. She took the necklace as well as any gold she could find lying around. Using this gold, she booked passage on a ship to the city of Carmalad. She placed the necklace around the neck of her daughter when she was born, for she believed that the child should always have something of her father. She hated the dark elf that had given her the Aramyrian disease as well as stolen her virginity, but she was grateful for the miracle that was Kyra. - This at least the history that is told by an old bartender in the city of Marcogg that knew both Elise and her daughter. It is unclear whether or not this is the truth, but this is all that is currently known about the Tear of Blood.
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